Charlie Clips – Battle Rap Record?

CjCiTy Calls all the fans together to discuss the official record for charlie clips. Is He undefeated? What do you guys think charlie clips battle rap record is??


  • 313kev

    This is a good concept but its all opinions. Some ppl may say he won or that person won. We have to go by bars , performance, delivery etc

  • CaliboyDC

    CjCity I’ve always respected your opinion u and unbiased review give great reviews to the fans on the battles that for some reason aren’t judge…but I have to give Charlie clips the UNDEFEATED 8-0 record….I feel that he beat big t 2-1 and I also feel he beat b magic 2-1…he didn’t mop the floor with b magic that I feel that he should’ve and was projected to do, but his first round alone besides the big t first round v.s. k shine I feel was a phenomenal first rd…the way he used the whole june scenario and played off that was ridiculous… the round I feel like he lost was the 3rd he stuttered a little too much for me to win that round, also some maybe say the 2nd round was debatable but I feel Charlie did enough to win that round as well…I also feel he is the only battle rapper that is undefeated and he belongs at the top of top tier right now…WEST COAST STAND UP!!

    • killajing

      i bet your really from the east coast your prolly in charlies camp or actually him lol u got 2 comments lol!!!!!!

      • CaliboyDC

        because ive always been a guest I never thought to register I just watch the battled then judge then let it be but I decided if he is going to be doing this imma judge in the comments…and NO FUK EAST COAST….im west coast all day and Charlie clips isn’t even my favorite I like hitman holla and jjdd. so get ya bet right patna, I just feel he beat b magic…the big t battle is debatable and always will be debatable people will say both ways forever….now saying that he didn’t beat bmagic I have no clue what you saw…his first rd alone should’ve won it and I even say he lost the 3rd he stuttered too much

        • Islam_Tesla

          His first round had a lot of other people’s bars tho…?

        • phazon charles

          Don’t comment on anything

        • Eskino

          Nigga what u mean fuck east coast u still stuck on that 1994 shit u corny as hell u was good till u said that bullshit

    • url judge

      Clips lost to big T and serius jones and B magic

      • 8====D~~~~(.)(.) = babies

        he did not lose to jones . no way did he lose to jones . no way did jones win 1st and second . its just not possible .

        • url judge

          Serius jones won the 1st and 3rd round easily in my opinion. I dont like those ABC nursery rhyme schemes that clips spits.

        • 8====D~~~~(.)(.) = babies

          how did he win with all that stumbling

        • url judge

          Because clips bars and angles were corny. The only clips performance I like was against tay rock

    • 8====D~~~~(.)(.) = babies

      i think he lost to b magic only

  • ohgod

    I like this idea. Good blog, CJ.

  • Smooth Bobby DeNiro

    I have to agreed with u, he did loose to Big T and B magic. Clearly, if he preps more, Charlie can easily b undefeated. He took Big T lightly, and Big T won 2-1

    • CaliboyDC

      he took big t lightly and still won…that’s what he does he takes everyone light and still wins…so imagine if he takes everyone seriously hes 3-0ing the whole battle rap, youll be talking about murda mook,jae millz,serius jones,charlie clips

      • God Aweful

        What are you basing your opinion on because it can’t be based on bars or originality?

    • phazon charles

      Wtf makes you say he lose t bigt

  • Kix

    I agree with that record on Clips being 6-2. Idk how people are saying that Big-T battle was debatable, every time I watch it Big T clearly got it. B-Magic clearly got clips.

  • papi

    Kshine didnt lose to ars

  • God Aweful

    Clips beat Rock, beat Verb, had a debatable with X factor, lost to Big T, lost to Arsonal because of the chokes, I cut the Tony D battle off in the 2nd so I feel the fans lost, and lost to B Magic.

    Young Kannon has a million battles so that video might be 20 minutes long and most of those battles are slept on.

    Verb, Holla and their fans definitely need an honest break down of those dude’s records because neither should be top tier if losses count.

    • TipOfTheIceberg

      [email protected] the Tony D battle off in the second.

    • TipOfTheIceberg

      I agree with you that Verb and Hitman both have more than their share of losses…but wins and loses don’t matter when we talk top tier. Top Tier just means your level of marketability, popularity, people wanna see you and would pay to watch you perform. It has nothing to do with talent (which is a matter of opinion anyway…but fans, views and popularity are all matters of fact) So hitman and verb are definitely top tier based on the definition of top tier. More people are interested in watching a hitman holla or verb battle than a DNA or JC battle even tho DNA and JC are better rappers than Hitman. I actually think Verb is a pretty good rapper tho.

      • God Aweful

        I get what you are saying but at the same time, I think it is retarded that more people want to see Holla battle than JC when JC is clearly the better rapper. Is that not the point of this shit? With that said, I can’t agree with losses having no effect on being Top Tier because we have seen the fall of Tech 9.

      • phazon charles


  • Fiflord

    5-3 he also took an L to X . Them freestyles was fill an damn near trash nobody was feeling dat but the ny cats in the building. X got off start to finish

  • UncleEarl

    Its not how many fights you had…its who you fought..Lux said it best

  • Gee

    Last time clips said sumthin crazy in a battle to me was the first time I seen em vs tay roc..everything after been subpar and overhyped..them “schemes” and breaking down everyword associated with one theme is garbage..

    ie “Soon as my toy lit (toilet) you want get to enjoy shit” it’s a millions of them garbage barz he do like that,guess the ppl love bars that’s can be comprehended on the spot

    X,big T, and magic beat em clearly in the BARS AND METAPHORS aspect of battling

    Verb,ars,and jones mite be his only real wins
    a lot of ppl feel jones and ars mighta edged it

    • url judge

      I think jones and ars beat him too. I think verb and tay rock are his only 2 real wins

  • like how u brung up yk bruh cause he been gettn slept on for awhile now and he should be top tier

  • DRE

    The fact that this nigga thinks Clips is 6-2 is the reason why this concept would NOT work!!! No fucking way Clips is top tier man! His schemes and bars are elementary as fuck! Even if most niggas say he beat X he still 4-4?!! He loss to T, Ars, Jones, and Magic period end discussion. Jones killed him clearly in the 1st and the 3rd. If you choke in a round you loss the round it’s that simple! My nigga said his last battle wit Hollow han was debatable so he might be 4-5 so this nigga can fuck off!!

    • url judge


  • LRU

    X factor stole a lot of bars in that battle with clips….

  • Hubert DeRavin

    The only person that really cooked him was magic that tony d match was a scrimmage that was what ever. The big t battle was a sea-saw battle. Now I feel no battle rapper should have the choice of who they step in front of and wreck. This is supposed to be the arena. You know what it was like growing if somebody got in face and they wanted to fight you never walked away. You crushed that ass for even thinking they can step to you. The battle leagues need to start telling the fans the truth if somebody doesn’t want to step in the arena it should be made known. There is no champ in the league. If they had a true champion then you could debate who deserve a shot or not. Real talk have a tournament and let them go at it for the spot of the illest.

  • itsdebatable

    Charlie Clips record is that he is ARGUABLY undefeated which means he’s not clearly lost a battle yet. He doesn’t have up to 10 battles yet so idk why people gassed about it for. Other battlers with few battles that are arguably undefeated:
    JC, Lux, Chilla, Big T, Murda Mook – All these cats arguable undefeated too but only taken about a handful of battles so it don’t really matter til you have at least over 10 battles under your belt imo.

    • itsnotdebatable

      DNA killed chilla, Hollow Da Don fucked up Big-T and Mook lost against Lux, just Lux and Maybe JC have no Clear losses yet.

      • God Aweful

        DNA didn’t beat Chilla… He didn’t even get close to winning a round. Only way to see it that way is if you are too slow to catch Chilla bars.

        • phazon charles

          Dumbass chilla brought one thing to the battle dna brought more that’s why its a close battle but more people will go with dna bc of his all around approach

    • Islam_Tesla

      Clips clips clearly lost to Magic and JC clealy lost to Young Kannon

      • phazon charles

        Clips didn’t lose to bmagic

    • ferb420

      Mook lost to Jae Millz and Loaded Lux

    • CaliboyDC

      lmao what are you basing your facts off of?? jc has lost to yung ill and young kannon…chilla lost to bmagic…big t lost to hitman holla…mook lost to millz…the amount of battles doesn’t mean nething why does everyone feel like ppl need hella battles like arsonal… no one has 30 battles and undefeated this isn’t boxing lol…

    • 8====D~~~~(.)(.) = babies

      all those people are defeated clearly except lux .

  • Brooklyn718

    Didn’t CJ say who ever takes round 1 takes the battle clipse only fucked up his 3rd against magic… His first he snapped no debating…. Against Big T he was chillen and then snapped crazy I had to watch that battle again….. Not taking nothing from Big T nor Bmagic……. So what if they get cocky and wanna say they top tier don’t wanna battle this person battling rapping is tuff let them battle who they want they put the effort in.. The new guys just gotta keep doin they thing nd grinding and if smack stick with bars over names it’ll change shit…. Nobody gunna care about a record because in the end they name going to still stand out over their record period… Somebody say conceited record 1-5 that can be opinions they won’t care he will still get millions of views period. They built a name for they self that record shit should of stayed in effect being that it didn’t nobody gunna care about it.

    • U slow

      your dumb he was only talking about the serius Jones battle. your comprehension is slow

  • ✈MikeSwazyy

    lets keep it a buck, tsu surf has the best URL record

    • CaliboyDC

      and what do u think surfs record is because if u say he has less losses then clips imma ask who…because I can count more losses then 2 for surf

  • famp

    I definitely agree with you on YK… no debating..

  • Absentminded

    THANKS CJ! And there it is… 6-2…. Please stop gassing these artists and giving them passes and they will stop coming with two rounds or a mixtape verse or choking in a battle. I don’t know about you guys but I’m tired of waiting for a battle to drop only to be disappointed… Call them records out.. you should do Tsu Surf next CJ Salute

  • Razzel

    C.J. i got clips 6-2


    so wait… he can choke, spit mixtape bars an stumble all through a battle an still win? how u gonna say x factor had better bars an still lost? thats nutty performance isnt better than bars least not for charlie .. I like where this guys coming from but a L is a L bro

  • myian barnes

    @CjCity, great concept, keep them coming. You actually changed my opinion on a couple of those(Serius, Ars). I think 6-2 is pretty accurate for Clips, 7-2 if you count the Hollohan, because he definitely took that. Great job brother, I will be checking for the next one.

  • LoverBoy WonDer

    how about this charlie clips record 4wins 2 debatables 2 losses

  • Evdie4

    Cj, this is a great idea. We should create a format for online tabulating so we as fans can vote and track the rankings. It can be formatted like standings or rankings like in boxing…but all online and kept by the fans!

  • Antony Hall

    CJ I think Smack needs you in his camp on the real this nigga is so REAL and a true fan i agree with him

  • John Dough

    cj I used to respect ur opinion but come on son u really think magic took clips 3-0 ur buggin…clips 1st round was fire magics was good too but clips was just better…magic definitely got that 2nd round no debatin…both 3rd rounds were off clips obviously didn’t have his all the way together and honestly magic was putting niggaz to sleep he was spittin wild filler and was repeating the same punchlines in a different way that 3rd can go either way I personally don’t watch it after the 2nd round both 3rds was ass to me…and come on clips freestyled 95% of that battle with tony d and giving him slack? he was sayin some shit too u get up there and try to come off the top of the dome or name me what other artist u kno that can do that for an entire battle and still be entertaining

  • Antony Hall

    Charlie vs BIG T i think its a DRAW, Charlie vs Arsenal i got Arsenal winning that one, Charlie vs Serious i give it to Charlie Clipse, B-Migic vs Charlie Clipse ahhuuumm very close no lie

  • Antony Hall

    True vs B-Magic he lose that last one

  • Jr.Smith

    Clips is 8-0, after you said the xfactor battle was close. I didnt care what you said after that. That battle was not even debatable or close. I think he might have some trouble with JC tho. That battle is gonna be classic.

  • debo

    foh bmagic bars was wack n light. clipz is undefeated

  • manupbandup23

    I agree 5-3 he lost too ars!!!

  • newera65

    to be honest i don’t think clips ever lost can’t be mad if u think he lost to magic or t but to me i don’t think so

  • 8====D~~~~(.)(.) = babies

    charlie clip only lost to b magic . he had a draw with big t .

  • 8====D~~~~(.)(.) = babies

    swave sevah is the only undefeated rapper in url

  • 8====D~~~~(.)(.) = babies

    young kannon is not top tier tho . lol

  • men lie wome lie

    7-0 charlie clips is undefeated clearly he look shakey cause he fumble some rhymes. in my book a fumble is nothing but it dont look good on charlie cause he looks unprepared and hell say ohh i wrote this yesterday or i wrote this in the hotel before coming to the battle.

  • Grip

    Clips lost to B Magic, Big T, Serious Jones, and Tony D. The reason he lost to Tony D because Clips spit a Wayne Gretzky line and if you know hip hop that’s a automatic loss. Step you’re bars up Clip.

  • VASloMo703

    Yooo, good ass blog homie. About Charlie Clips, I feel the same. To be honest, I don’t even like Clips but I would say he does have two losses that is undebatable.

  • phazon charles

    Charlie clips has not been taken a L

  • phazon charles

    When you go into judging a battle you have to look at what the battlers can do like performance barz schemes lyrical abillity aggression punch lines freestyles rebuttles and clips goes in every battle and at gets two rounds the bmagic situation plays in here all he has is punchlines but clips does everything so a nigga that likes an overall battler will like his shit more than a nigga just being one demensional against a nigga that hit all angles its a fix fight for niggas that only have one angle to come at an opponent

  • phazon charles

    Charlie clips argruebly undefeated the closest some one came bigt serious n bmagic but you can’t say any of these dudes clearly one

  • Smooth Bobby DeNiro

    I was there at NOME 2 at Adrianans last year, and da audio was terrible, but everybody in the building from John John to Goods clearly said Big T won. First Round Debatable, Second Round Big T ( All clips was sayin was fat jokes, that’s why people was laughing at him and booing him, 3rd round Big T…. But everybody, has stated from Mickey Facts to Norbes has went public and said Big T is underated. If you look at Big T resume, da only clear lost was Hollow, and the only reason Hollow beat him is because he flip Big T shit

  • %FR££.com

    How did he lose 2 big t?? And no disrespect 2 b magic but clips definitely won dat battle. Way more punchn, way better schemes den magic, what round did he lose besides him playn n the 3rd

  • Montago

    He only lost to.Big t He beat B Magic 3-0 BARS OVER EVERYTHING

  • Montago

    He dosent believe n BARS MAGIC LOST 3-0

  • gizzle

    5-3 he lost to big t, serious jones n b magic got him

  • Lowfromdag

    Big T was either way but I feel He 2-1 B Magic


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