Charlie Clips: Regardless If Rex Prepared, I Whooped His A*s

Charlie Clips  Regardless If Rex Prepared  I Whooped His A s   YouTube

Charlie Clips shared his thoughts on T-Rex’s preparation, or lack thereof, that he put into their Smack/URL Summer Madness 4 battle in this clip from his exclusive interview with VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes.

Clips believes that despite Rex being affected by a death in his family during their battle, the rounds he had prepared were what he was going to battle with regardless, and that alone shows a lack of preparation on Rex’s behalf. Charlie believes that Rex put so much faith in his third round that he slacked off on crafting strong material for rounds 1 and 2. Clips doesn’t think that Rex does good personals and shouldn’t try to use them in the future after what happened in this battle.

Shotgun Suge previously called out T-Rex for using mixtape bars in their battle, as well as Rex’s battle vs. Clips, and Charlie acknowledged that he did use recorded bars in their match as well. Due to the fact that he and Rex are both regarded as some of the top battlers in the sport, Clips didn’t feel offended by this at all. In the end, regardless if Rex prepared properly or not, Clips is happy with his win.

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  • Snowman

    Yoooo…I aint hatin on either one of ya’ll. But Im a battle fan FOR REAL! My girl know all ya’ll and all that lol But I can’t front…I thought Spee Dolla and Dash was the same cat all this time fam! hahahaha

  • nick

    Spee you nice I think you beat daylyt and that first dude you battled on uw. The only problem you battling cats that are nobodies on the big stage. Daylyt new to this market and never heard of that first guy. Try to get a bigger name on that stage next time I think you and nuborn would be a great match up . And one nore thing youre music is better then alot of them cats too. But dont get fustrated keep pushing..

  • Music Artist Manager

    Spee……you da man bro! You are clearly winning or they wouldn’t be hatin! Respect! BLOCKCITYSALUTE!


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