Charlie Clips Speaks on His Victory Over Tsu Surf

VladTV Battle Rap journalist Michael Hughes was on the scene conducting interviews with many battlers present at the event, and caught up with Charlie for an exclusive interview following his victory.


  • Gee

    Haha wat Will say all clips had to do was say his name and the crowd was like OHHHHHHHH
    Real shit they scream for wateva bullshit he say

    Xmas almost a here on Cam bar for bar line for line clips aint 3-0 surf..performance and entertainment wise clips prolly got dat..but fucc dat it’s about LYRICALLY CONTENT ,which basic clips is on a beginners level

    I bet he said sum shit like dis ,


    Garbage ass wordplay

    • Chosen15

      Of coarse his pattern is da same he had like 6 battles in four weeks dat shit is hard af he on his grind ya fans want a fuckin English teacher out there like he top five point blank and debatably undefeated except for big t and b magic which both battles were debatable

    • DeeBee662

      Im curious do you still feel that way after watchin the battle?

      • Gee

        Lml I’m bout to roll a J and watch dis shit now long Xmas bruh

  • Bnews Theemcee

    i think this interview shouldnt had been posted because with out watching it now i know theres a choke in round 2 smh, but i dont believe its a 3-0

    • vtwelvel

      look at surfs interview he even admitted to losing so u can just believe he did get 3-0ed

  • Lebron Hairline Restoration™

    Clips has never clearly lost, ever. It’s time for a Lux vs Clips battle.

  • J Blangz

    Christmas here…..SMACK WASSUP???#RNT

  • KingRome1

    its christmas ….

    • Florida Boy

      its on youtube this slow ass site will post it here later


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    🔥🔥🔥🔥 good meeting you bro!
  • JC
    RT @MrPhillips83: On some real shit all the battlers were cool.. @Real_DealRaps is fucking hilarious @ThekidJ_c is dope tho.. a trolling di…
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    I been knew that but I'm still learning
  • John John Da Don
    As much as I preach you can't do it all by yourself... TEAMS win championships
  • John John Da Don
    RT @TheDanIbarra: @JohnJohnDaDon Who ever are your editors.. pay them more man. #bullpenoverbullshh
  • John John Da Don
    RT @Slim_Jim_: 40 could've beat PC if it wasn't for the choke. I got PC 2-1
  • John John Da Don
    What rounds?