Charlie Clips gives his recap on Arsonal vs Aye Verb


  • Jackson1017

    Battles ain’t about out moving ppl … Is about str8 bars u dumb fuck

  • Swagg

    He’s obviously jokin you bricksquad monopoly Gucci mane listening to ass nigga

  • tre

    Do more vlogs Clips give battling a break my G until you step your barz up.

  • Al-Jamel

    Clips you are a hater! No debating! This battle was straight… there were no body bags.

    • Quise

      Hell nall ars bodied that nigga in his own state like 4real the crowd was ampin aye-verb shit up cuz he only had a couple barz

  • Chromezzz

    you hug another man in his state thats gangster…… how soo charlie

  • Lejos De Ficticia

    stop posting bullshit & drop some more battles from nome III…. thanks

  • Jay

    you people are so fucking stupid!!! he’s obviously joking!!! LMFAO!!!

  • elRey822

    damn charlie, arz 3-0? REALLY?? u gotta be jokin !!! verb killed that jersey bitch !!!

    • DRE

      Verb never killed shit in his gay life son!!

      • elRey822

        Lol u sound like u a jersey girl , u prolly a arz lover
        Face it dogs he lost

    • Raythekid85

      this is a joke did you hear anything he said? he said he watched it on mute and ars won on mute because he out moved verb lol then he said he will watch it with the sound to see who won that? it was a damn joke

  • Florida Boy

    hahahaha he clownin

  • brandon davis

    ur not daylyt

  • JAWZ

    funny shit.

  • alamo

    4 u 2 say ars 3-0 verb i unsubscribe i know u dont like verb but cmon son tell me any1 u else u roll with tell wont tell u 3-0

  • Todd Pride

    They both went in

  • 2kx

    watch daylyt much?

  • Brazi

    LOL this nucca funny fo dat one…..on another note…i dont even kno how to respond to the nuccas on here who think he was serious….smfh…its called sarcasm

  • kin-na Chandon

    Yo u a funny azz dude lmfao

  • Ray B

    He hugged that man in his state, that’s gangsta! Ars won 3-0 cause he out moved Verb

  • DRE

    Too fuckin funny LMAO!

  • Stunnapjs

    yeah he did my nigga..3-0 ARS..he killed verb..but verb was nice tho.. not taken nun from verb like i said he nice and went in on ARS but ARS had more like clips said a lil more that pushed him over the top in all 3 rounds

  • mike

    This shit is hilarious…I can’t believe some of yall thinking this real but verb 2-1 tho

  • ill wink

    How the fuck was it the best battle if Arsonal won 3-0….this nigga must be trippin…verb won 2-1…on yeah B-Magic vs Clips..haven’t seen it but I already know..B-Magic 3-0 LOL

  • Mr.Ha Ha

    LMAO… he gotta b joking

  • Quise

    Arsonal 3-0 the man aye-verb really starting to suck everybody is 3-0’n the man

  • T

    If you seriously feel offended by any thing this man said in this video then you obviously lacked a father figure growing up. You niggaz childish as fuck to take this serious he obviously joking. Ol buddy below even said he gon unsubscribe lmao smh.. i had ars 2-1 tho.. dope ass battle

  • Yaboykfoye

    Everyone. He’s not serious. It’s a joke. If u r a Clipse fan or even listened to any of his blogs u know he was joking keep it coming.

  • Cuddi3

    I’m really about to start watching all battles in mute first lol good vid clips

  • DK

    I just watched the battle on mute. Ars 3-0 all day lol

  • jimmy morris

    ok gt em fam

  • jimmy morris

    ha ha lol the best on fckng mute ha ur very diabolicle mighty moor,gt at me at, my site [email protected]

  • Tavis Mista Sippi Anderson


  • that boy said he out moved verb hahahaha

  • Below_C_Rowe

    NIGGA!! How can u possibly judge A BATTLE on FUCKING MUTE?!? U fuck around and lose respect by saying that dumb shit! “He out moved him” THE FUCK U MEAN?!? I’m not even a big Aye Verb fan I thought Arsenal would win BUT I was WRONG just like you Charlie … Verb 3-0

  • HigherCaleber

    This man is a fool! Lmao!

  • Tito Bloomberg

    What the fuck was so gangsta of arsenal hugging verb!!!! And that was the wackiest battle this year!!!! O yea verb 2-1.. Bang bang!

  • Ryan Scott

    Clips yoo uh fool my boi. But all kiddn aside I think ars beat him but lost round 2. 2-1 Ars. By the way “the two two will give em eight(02/28) like its tryna end February”……….NICE

  • joenough

    lol arsonal won on mute..aye verb won funny ass video by clips….lol

  • Sonny Pocketts

    this nigga a homo


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