Charlie Clips TV: Clips Speaks On His Problems With Smack/Url & Lost Motivation

Charlie Clips talks about his career , why he lost Motivation and his problems on URL


  • Edwin Stagg

    smack wants to feed his niggas

  • gig

    Smack wants to feed Smack lol. But Clips got a lot more respect for you after this blog. Seems like you responsible for the whole Summer Madness 2 event. And John John Da Don is responsible for Smack getting that BET slot.

  • John

    Yo The Culture Iz Dope But For Some Reason You Have To Watch Real Close Dem Niggas Can Do U Grimey Real Shit

  • DRE

    Politics as usual.

  • Killyoself

    Shit had me dying when he said Hollow texts him saying I’ll kill you when he’s driving away lmao

    • Robert Spears

      He called Ars a shitlock head. Still dyin off that lmao

  • Blackhead1Tone

    Shut the fuck up bitching Nigga! Old heads gotta retire; when they can’t figure out what the fuck going on in the game. Asking questions(sounding like a female or something). It sound to me like niggas don’t fuck with you too strong.


    Just saying.

  • brandon davis


  • therealestcritic


  • UncleRuckus

    Disgruntle, Greedy Ass Niggas I tell Ya

    • chincheck

      url been pimping niggas. You get like 3$ to 8$ per thousand views just on youtube alone, what about all the show money and shit. I’m surprised url still ain’t dropping videos one round at a time cause these niggas were making bank off that shit.

  • DR

    Really talk these niggas need shit in writing and get a lawyer.

  • grown man101

    why talk about this if you patched things up with everybody. Men keep they mouth shut this some lil girl stuff. Just want url to take of but its probably gonna be over before it can hit main stream. This is bad timing.

  • barondebxl

    Yo Clips is mad funny with the voices LMAO hahahahaha i laughed so hard

  • Spike

    This is why they should venture out and make money in other leagues. Now what I would do if I were them, I would start my on league. These battle rappers get a milli + views and should have started something months ago. Stop letting smack and staff use you. This blog make a lot of sense to why URL went with this weak SM3card..

  • flipper773

    Clips 3-0 b magic too nigga cold thou

  • myian barnes

    Damn Clips. Real shit to shed light on the situation. I still can’t stand your lack of thirds, straight up, because Clips arguably would be the best in the game if he brought it completely.

  • myian barnes

    btw, I’d rather see Hollow vs Clips than Hollow and that other dude.

  • Hippy Beamen

    Real shit clips smack be doing niggaz dirty…

  • sampirlo

    this niggy Clips said S/o to my bra Loaded beloved …KING haha

  • realness

    if what clips says is true then url is on some real sucker shit.

  • knuckles


  • halftime

    Clips, you outta pocket playa lol… Diddy must be coaching Smack on how to rape a MF’er wit that paperwork. Smack gone ban you from URL for exposing them like that. Like I told LUX you guys need to hire an attorney to review your contacts and go over the particulars before taking any more battles. Find a law student there in NY to review your contract as a part of their pro bono requirements. If you need help shoot me an email and I’ll send you a few contacts in your area.

  • These dudes

    If y’all think a nigga doing free shit for smack kill yourself. Clips wants his money from the last battle and he salty, which he should be. But he ain’t making 8k anywhere other than smack so he can keep all that other bull shit. He throwing out the business but what nigga you know really take some shit on the strength of a relationship? You said yourself you wanted 2k for X factor and that you signed a contract in previous battles, now all of sudden you just don’t sign a contract to guarantee you get paid 1000s of dollars. Lux got these battle rap dudes and fans really not using common sense. Niggas trying to extort smack but get paid 1/3 anywhere else. If it was easy to just promote battles and get paid they’d been done it, but that would mean they also have risk. All these dudes need to shut the fuck up and get paid and perform in accordance with the contract and stop the bitching and excuse making

  • SpiT

    he took out verb no question bout it…..but dats da time verb was losing interest… now dat dont mean if verb was on his game he would have won aight niggas.? but verb did take some time off….da nigga was not in his game during dat time…da old verb is back on his game now..

  • SpiT

    you kissed goodz da ‘ANIMAL’S mom.?? nigga….

  • young monsta

    clips is a foo

  • michelle

    Smack and Beasley that’s soooo messed up that ppl not getting paid and the other things Charlie clips stated. You guys need to step your business game up bc you guys are running the business like the dope game …..grimy! The battlers are the reason you have a business bc yall only have cameras. Please do better bc url looking real hood and ghetto right now. Be business men not men trying to protect there ego by no longer discussing business over twitter. You know alot of the battlers are young and street so set up meetings to handle disagreements. Dont entertain the twitter messages by typing back….show them how young black business men handle business. Another thing the culture is growing fast so please reach out for help! You guys cant do it all anymore. We have alot of talented young kids on the rise who would be willing to help im sure if the cost is an issue.Bc what math hoffa did should not have closed down a whole event. Security should have been in place to handle that quietly and quickly. But you learn through your mistakes. Please look to professional concert and event throwers, sound engineers and video ppl for any advice they will lend you guys asap.Do that seriously,so that everything can be as it should. Bc we dont want you guys to fail bc the url is the best league. However ,its time to step your professionalism up in all areas bc you guys crossed over to where you always wanted to be ……so catch up.

  • las vegas dentist

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