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  • Brixxxx

    The Reason This Battle Was So Great Was Because There Was So Much Tension, There Needs To Be More Of That

    • Url stan

      Exactly no more hugging an kissing no more “let’s make it a classic debatable” ……..battles where I hate you you hate me nobody wanna lose

  • Wop

    I think he’s right about preference and today’s battle rap fan would prefer Hollow’s style over Lux because of everything we look for besides just punchlines and wordplay. I believe that this is a debatable battle and I appreciate both Hollow and Lux because this battle lived up to the hype.

  • Url Stan

    Na Hollow vs Buddens or Serious Jones no reason for hollow to go backwards stay wit heavyweights…..jones beat clips…….Clips vs DNA would be a great matchup

    • ferb420

      Clips is a heavyweight with this battle shit though. Besides Hollow lost to someone who Clips beat, Arsonal and Clips clearly beat Surf while people are still debating who won between Surf and Hollow.

      • Url Stan

        How long ago was the Arsonal vs hollow battle???clips didn’t beat Arsonal debate able …..if that’s the point Big T beat clips an serious clearly beat clips an JJDD beat clips in the Quiet room an JC battle wasn’t a win it was debatable…..Surf didn’t beat hollow it was debatable if anything…dirtbag dan doesn’t get you a hollow matchup after lux

        • LaurynHernandex

          surf killed hollow,ars killed him & lux killed him a debatable is vs hitman bate

        • Andre Harris

          Clips clearly beat are and bodied Surf. Surf beat Hollow but after that Lux battle Hollow is back in the top 3. I
          d Say Lux, Hollow and Clips are the top 3 from URL right now.

      • LaurynHernandex

        clips beat surf,Ars & now will face hitman in march…all who I feel beat hollow. Funny thing is everytime hollow loses he makes excuses….Vs ars he said they switched his opponent,but Ars opponent was also switched, vs surf he said he was saving up for lux I highly doubt that vs hitman he said they were friends so it doesn’t count & now after lux he wants to release bars he didn’t get to use because of the time limits he set. Hollow is overrated IMO

        • H’D

          girl stop. you lyin heavy. hollow lost to ars yes, surf.? debatable, killed hitman, lux 2-1 3-0 either way. stop hatin. he is top 5.

  • Constantine

    Fuck u Clipps! Lol
    Hollow beat Lux ass!! Nobody wanna give “THE LEGEND” his L. Lux didn’t come close to his SM2 performance. It is what it is…

    • Andre Harris

      Lux did better than he did at SM2 he just didn’t have the Url audience. He had the UW audience and they wasn’t trying to hear that especially after he made them wait a hour just to perform. That played heavy in the crowd siding with Hollow in the building. Lux won the battle based off bars. Hollow won the battle based off performance (notes, calico’s pop) 2-1 either way. That battle was classic.

      • MMLP2

        How was Hollow’s performance better? Lux out-performed Hollow every round. Hollow was loud, his jokes were corny and his bars were light. I really don’t see what the simple-minded see in Hollow.

  • Alpo

    Summer Madness 4 1.)Loaded Lux vs. Murda Mook 2.) Hollow Da Don vs. Charlie Clips 3.) Hitman Holla vs. DNA 4.) B Magic vs. Conceited 5.) O Red vs. K Shine

    • Andre Harris

      You can’t have a Summer Madness without T-Rex on the Card and after that Calicoe Surf battle I wouldn’t mind seeing Calicoe vs Tay Rock and T-Rex vs Big T those two been going back in forth for a minute and after how Big T did K-Shine that match makes sense. idk about K Shine being on this card he’s been losing a lot of battles as of late due to taking too many battles in a short amount of time. He lost to Yung Ill who hasn’t been on top of his game. Shine been losing to people he should have beaten. After that Hitman Holla battle idk if O-Red should be on the next SM4 either that match should be scrapped and give one of the PG niggas a shot. Maybe Ill Will vs Danny Myers or JC vs Mr Wavy. idc what anybody says Myers had the battle of the year last year with Rum Nitty and has been the MVP of the proving grounds this year.

  • MHG C

    Clips beat jones 2-1 jones won the 3rd round that’s all… Clips killed big t clips drilled JC and snapped in jjdd in the quiet room I not gonna speak on the body bag he put surf in, but it will be a good one lux vs clips or clips vs hollow

  • JAWZ


  • muta

    sean kemp styyyyleawwwwwawwww! clasick shit charlie,that was some bullshit. keeep it up u funny ass niggah!

  • Woeson

    All these bias simple minded gullible Lux fans are funny to me. They wanna bring up Hollow not so good moments but forget Lux shit! Let me start by saying Surf beat Hollow… No debatin! But the Lux battle was a Hollow win. The Ars battle was a setup,it was a battle off with matches leading to championship battle on a different day. Rappers were switched so that Ars could battle who he had bars for already and by the time Hollow met Ars he had bussed his gun already. All the batlles happen in a day.Wasn’t like now when you know who you got for weeks and months. Hollow has since said it’s not an excuse,it’s just what happen. Ars never disputed and strangely wants Hollow again. Question: how do you get away with having 6-7 years to write bars and in your first battle choke in one round have a good round and then steal A-verbs third round almost word for word? Then come out in your next battle with yet another gimmick and then say the same shit against Hollow that has been said mad times already. And don’t forget the choke Lux had in the second round at the end of it. He was able to say ima let you rock to play it off but the nigga choked again. 6 years and all you do is steal other people angle of attack? Hope the 40k can flip for him because he will see no where near that again! A sucker born everyday.

    • TFOH

      Here this nigga goes AGAIN….SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY!!! YOU aren’t changin people’s minds!!!

  • Woeson

    This Rex and I.C.E battle should be fire.Clips will stay neutral in front of tha camera.

  • pause over everything

    pause ? didn’t need one until u said dat


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