• Deathcums2ALL

    Battle hitman…

    • ohgod

      dont be retarted. where is clips gonna get the bread to pay hitman? that’s a match up for a big venue and SMACK to finance. That’s why my idea of a battle with Pass is better.

  • Unspoken Truth

    Ha double, dubb da phenom, b.e.z., syah boy

  • ohgod

    Battle Passwurdz on Charlie Clips TV.

  • guest1

    Battle Goodz mother! for a cheeseburger!

    • J Blangz

      mine as well….she is always at the crib lmaooo

      • Jay S

        u meant MIGHT AS WELL?

        • rabXO


  • Joseph Money

    Battle Sevah?

  • wick

    This nigga stay apologizing lol…. my nigga tho

  • guest2

    you should battle Prez Mafia on ur channel. He’d probably do it for free too

  • lijamik

    clips get one of the females.give them a shot

  • Gh05T

    Battle Goodz…Salute

  • North

    “Super top-tier”? Nigga, you’re arguably mid-tier.

    • Chosen15

      Your smoking he is arguably undefeated only person dat prolly beat him was bmagic and it wasn’t a body u really a hater foh

  • J Blangz

    battle yo foster child nigga!

  • mr harlem x

    Really shyt you need to battle rock again I think he will kill you now .you need to get back to your grandmoms giving you that good ass whooping flow..

  • Guest

    The Mari-yo-mothers clipz look like wario an goods look like koopa with a Mario mustache lol nah but
    The Mari-yo-mothers if that’s not chosen to be the title of the show that should be the title of a wepisode

  • relito

    yo clips this relito bro i fucks wit u my nigga battle that cross color nigga arsonal that nigga nice but he confused he only get hyped up when he wit that blood nigga wit the dreds n he crippn where they do that at fake as game n snoop shit lmao

  • rogerhayes1993

    Tay Rock should be your choice it would be classic no questions and will push your show views over the top

  • famp


  • Doodoobutter

    Battle DNA

  • Chosen15

    Yoooo clips I need a serious battle one round 5:00 clips vs goodz even tho ya cool or whateva both of ya got bars and I would love to see ya go at it on charlieclipstv

  • ArkansasBlacc

    You down syndrome with a beard bulldog from tom and jerry cartoon looking ass lol clipse nice though

  • Ralph


  • jermaine

    Naw clips vs loaded lux da 2 best n da game

  • rabXO

    Battle Surf


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