Get your Popcorn ready as Charlie Clips tells you a True Battle Rap Story LOL


  • ADC

    He. called goodz a Mario bro. Lmfao. these dudes way too funny

  • Pappy Mason


  • Brixxxx

    L M F A O These Niggas Need There Own Show Deadass!!!!

  • Jlove

    Haha!! Yo Charlie Clips TV is where it’s at.

  • Florida Boy

    lol he said he took the tunnel and left Luigi

  • TipOfTheIceberg

    I dead ass laughed out loud and scared my chick this shit was so funny.

  • Manuel

    Charlie does it again. Shit too funny brah. Mario left Luigi, ROFL.

  • p waters

    fat niggas wear them gold things too lmfao neck looking like a brillo pad im dead ass fuck

  • Hubert DeRavin

    Yo I can’t stop laughing this shit crazy “Brillo pads and dish detergent” omg

  • Quan…Jersey

    Yooo funny stuff bruh clips ” fuck it I’m just tryna get them drizzals”….


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  • MR chillackaboo
    Y'all was but y'all wasn't headlining remember this your first one
  • John John Da Don
    Like are we really surprised some of these bloggers got some weird shit goin ok their lives? Really?
  • #MrMaryland
    Like Bills... don't nobody talk bout that shit online 😩🤦🏾‍♂️
  • John John Da Don
    That's what most people go on the internet for, to hide what's really goin on!
  • John John Da Don
    Who cares if a nigga that blogs all day is homeless, or has an internet wife, or got rape charges... we're not surprised tbh
  • John John Da Don
    Battle rap does need the bloggers don't get it fucked up... but not when they blogging on lowlife shit
  • John John Da Don
    & its the bloggers that say they helped build battle rap to what it is but won't admit when they hurting it... come on y'all tighten up
  • John John Da Don
    How tf did battle RAP go from emcees tryna prove they better than everybody to BLOGGERS blogging about eachother? What are we here for?