Charlie Clips Vs Bmagic Bar for Bar Breakdown Round 2 & 3

CjCity is back with another bar for bar breakdown. Charlie Clips Vs Bmagic



  • Brandon

    charlie sheen explanation….. get charlie’s sheen (his shine) referring to his star power…and also could be referring to his sheen like his jewels… what charlie has that is shining.

  • Brandon

    and lets finally dead this b magic line from the roc battle. 80 raider (80 raid ya) jerry rice (2 40’s) ie: 40 cal gun in each hand. 32 packer ( reggie white) He was traded to the packers at age 32…and he was in his 30’s (30 to packer). 32 packer..


      nah you just want it to make sense ..stop

  • SpiT

    4 da real…das what i had…3-0 a BODY… niggas that be talking Clips 3-0 must b smoking some bad blunts cuz it waz not even 2-1 clips much less 3-0 clips… niggas must b dik ridin or just hat-n magic… i aint no magic fan either but i respect da niggas barz……

  • Maine

    damn this dude hatin hard on clips clips killed Bmagic all 3 rounds

  • Maine

    who ever this dude is his braking down all of bmagic bars and skipping throw clips rounds just saying what he did’nt like bmagic use alot of all bars in this battle like when he said i come with open arms like he need a hug if yall pay attention he said im a good fishermen i keep catching them useing the same lines at least clips came with new shit and yall saying clips lost not by a long shot


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