007 chops up Clips Vs JJ Da Don. Don’t forget to hit up


  • SMoove80G

    Clips need to stop lying about chocking on purpose , jjdd Need to stop with the multiply choices shit ,and us fans are tired of hearing about YALL person life we wanna hear some bars that’s why the pg battle are better because they focus on personals to much

  • Goodz

    John john is the new of Rich Dollarz

  • Anonymous

    John John is the new version of Rich Dollarz

  • Gee

    I bet all of abc clips fans look like this..bunch of nerd niggaz who get hype of predictable on the spot bars they cud relate too..bunch of niggaz who lame so they tryna fit in wit the battle rap culture cuz is it hot..battle rap fuccin dead cuz niggaz keep hyping up Dese basic rapper and garbage as personals and slogans..I bet none of basic clips fans Neva bumped or fucced wit no real mcs from the early 90z

  • jawz

    smack is my man from the street’s, smack when i see you we going to talk about you taking this nigga off the site. smack you be talking about real nigga time, but i didn’t see a real nigga yet. Angry is a fan. this bird ass nigga shouldn’t judge battle’s. we need dude’s like Simon Cowell to judge these battle’s, not this dude. he is a fan, fuck this long worm face with glasses ass nigga.

  • brian

    CAn somebody tell me where his description box is please?


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