Charlie Clips Vs. Tsu Surf Smack / Url Born Legacy -Charlie Clips Recap his Battle with Tsu Surf

Smack/Url present Born Legacy with Charlie Clips Vs. Tsu Surf was the Main Event of the evening Charlie give his Recap on the battle



    a yo nigga BLIZZ_ProDuctions soundcloud sucks

  • AllEyezOnAce

    Serious Jones Beat Charlie

    • Vonage

      Serious Got Washed brahh Charlie Ate Him…..Are You Serious Nigga? NO literally are you Serius nigga? Lol

      • AllEyezOnAce

        lol if he ate him why wasnt he on sm3 & Charlie wasnt Ill ate charlie LOL & CHarlie old ass ddont want it wit lux or holla so I aint gon even go there LOL

        • BigJamar

          surf beat hollow clips jus beat surf and lux gonna murder hollow. Clips will destroy hollow

        • AllEyezOnAce

          Tsu aint beat Hollow Idk what niggaz be thinkin yea it got a lil close & thats only cuz Hollow just came home & aint battle in a min but if u really listen and catch them bars & dont sit up and get caught up in the crowd youll see Hollow 2-1 all day

        • 8====D~~~~(.)(.) = babies

          clips lost to b magic thats all .

  • jsouth713

    ill gladly debat it b-magic wooped you

  • rogerhayes1993

    I think B-magic bet him and Arsonal is debatable

  • Vonage

    Serius was on sm3 because wehaven’t seen him thats why and ppl liked the matchup with him and math that’s it….and I think surf and hollow was debatable slightly surf…as well as charlie vs b magic its debatable and charlie gon beat hitman, he’ll make a debatable wit lux too I think hollow will beat him tho idk why


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