• GuestwithacapG

    “When I heard you was on crack I almost cried. Remember I said it was gon be alright well I always lie”

    This is the shit that niggas is impressed with? Rhyming cried and lie? This is why I say Clips is overrated

    • Lebron Hairline Restoration

      It wasn’t about rhyming simple words it was about it being reality, and it hit. Ill was actually on drugs and according to Clips he told Ill it’ll be okay, that happened in real life. lmfao

    • North

      Clips is definitely overrated, but that was funny, which is why people liked it. Clips’ schemes can’t get close to Chillas. Clips is terrible in my opinion.

  • J Blangz

    listen i hate when you mufukas get on here and try and critique every little thing that battle rappers do that dont fit yo liking… like rhyming simple words and shit……if you mufukas can get on stage put on a better performance and do better then these niggas and come up wit different shit wit complex words and make it make sense and make the crowd laugh…then get yo punk ass on stage…i wouldnt want clips to make a funny joke complex…cuz at the end of the day…he rhymed in the first place…and i laughed…so the bar made its point at least to me and alot others…dont let one joke/bar that aint satisfy you critique a nigga whole career!

  • Unspoken Truth

    dna’s face when ill says its his lightsest round


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