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  • Mighty

    Ill on another level with bars. Ill a easy 3-0. Nothing personal but Clips and DNA need to take a breather. I rather see Yung Ill vs Tay Roc on that next card Smack. Since Charlie Clips in a relationship with K Shine ex girl you should have set that battle up between them two I’m sure that would have been interesting. Smack seriously you need to do a better job at setting up battles cause you way off on you’re next card. Yung Ill 3-0..

    • Don

      you must be on the same shit ill been on if you think he won this 3-0 lol….

      • munch

        you right bra

    • clash

      you sound like a retard

  • ohgod

    x was past gas and i aint come to fart around?? terrible/kindergarten line by Ill. Clips got this.

    • munch


    • Gee

      sure “this mac 11 named eness know body wanna hear that spit” is sure clips had to dig deep to come up with those written lyrics

      • IamAdonLegend

        That medicine line was dope

  • phil

    2-1 ILL

    • munch

      no nigga no

  • Florida Boy

    Damn another lack luster battle for me….oh well im still a URL fan i aint jumping to KOTD

  • Kyrie

    Clear win by Clips!!

  • They Love Silk

    Clips a hypocrite cause when he was gettin his ass spanked all threw b magic all he did was tlk n tlk while he was rappin & bmagic still aint choke now when ill did it to him he wanna get emotional lmao thats good for his ass man up, yung ill 2-1 charlie got the 3rd & thats it 1st ill his bars is to complex for these sneaker geeks

    • God Aweful

      Agreed, Clips is trying to take Nuborn title as the greatest choke artist in battle rap history.

    • Delano Martin

      That’s facts


        True story

        • Omega

          you stole that from me clown

          True Story is my shit..


          Omega here$.05 for your thoughts…..

    • Nolies357

      True… But Clips Still Caught A Body Tho, If you were impressed by any one of young ills rounds, That says allot about you as a battle rap fan…

      • Nolies357

        *ill Had a couple Bars.. Just wasn’t enough

      • Nolies357

        I take that back.. ill is aight he had some sht, i just wasn’t impressed for a nigga who been gone for so long.. Maybe it wasnt a Body But He Still Took A L… Shout out to him hope that boy come with it next battle..

        • IamAdonLegend

          You thought it was a body cause clips is good not great and I’ll is average on some Cortez shit.

      • D

        You sound stupid ill top 5 when he ready.Clips is overated and he not top five choke or no choke.ill got the first two. Charlie sloppy andll Young ill got a mean delivery.

        • Nolies357

          Lmao, ill Top 5 To Who? He Barley Got Wins.. Every Battle With This Nigga Is Terrible. Except for his 09 Sht I Dont Care If you nice or not… Nice Niggas Loose Battles All The Time.. Clips Dominated in every area delivery presence more punches more effective sht Freestyle i can keep going .. He Choked BADLY iight he fucked up but so did lux.

        • Nolies357

          Your Saying ill Is Top 5 When He Ready…How Much More Time He Need lol…You Believe in a nigga that aint display that top 5 talent Yet. Never Seen Him Move A Crowd.. Never seen smack react to a bar ill said.. And i been following this sht from the millz n mook era

        • D

          Well you might be right then.I just believe everything is prefrence it dont matter what I tell you, you like what you like.If we can argue all day bout who better then its opinion.Smack gotta beard thats a fact.Charlie choked again thats a fact.Clips always stumble over his words he got bars but his delivery whack.Ya man mook was always prepaired cant remember him chokin or stumblin too bad.

    • Chosen15

      Bars to complex like “since we gas-x I ain’t come here to fart around”lol wtf or “I come after doe like Rae mi lmaooo gtfoh bro u don’t know battle don’t comment on something yu have no idea about u bringing the culture Down wit ya hating.

  • Kareem Sparrow

    Clips is a bitch!!! He was touching yung ill on the chest when he was spitting but when young ill did it he pushed his hand away.

  • SemInitial

    Ill has a serious flow…no joke glad to see him back…Great first round but the rest was lite to me. I gave it to Clips; the boy has a mean delivery, and the way he just start freestyling in the second…even though it was probably prepared early showed me he a serious lyricist.

  • J-blangz

    i got clips 2-1…….you can go either way if you liked ill more……i just know 3rd round clips murdered him…….clearly no debatin…and ill even knew it

  • Y’all lame as fuck

    Clips clearly man.. These new battle rap fans lost they mind.. Y’all just hate Harlem niggas period huh smh.. Maybe not lux though but ever other

  • myian barnes

    Ill flow was more complex, but Clips bars and punches just hit way harder….beyond that, Ill had nothing for those schemes. The drug shit made him look bad too…..Clips decommissioned him. One of the clearest body bag’s I have see,. I was almost embarrassed for Ill. This was the death of Yung Ill right here….

    • TipOfTheIceberg

      just finished the first round and so far id have to respectfully disagree. while the drug schemes were good, the first round debatable. Ill brought some HEAT in round 1….Clips did a great job as well. I really cant pick a winner but I dnt think anyone CLEALY took this round.

      • myian barnes

        Whattup Fam! I read your responses and watched it again, this time without the post work beer/Hen colab. I still see it the same though. In fact, Ill’s rounds seemed painful to watch IMO. He has been on of my favs since I saw him battle Surf but here, he looks nothing short of washed up. He can rap for days, no doubt, his structure and flow are still top notch, but his punches were not top tier battle emcee level at all. His rounds sounded like he was spitting a diss track instead of standing in front of Clips and battling. Just peep these factors…Presence? Clips stood in there like a G, played the shit outta him with that drug shit(you could tell that hurt him) while Ill looked nervous, forced his flow at points and came with the weakest rebuttal I have ever heard(I ain’t here too fart around? GTFOH). Jokes? I am big on the bars over jokes mantra, but you still should blend them in to be successful. The “who is this nigga?” slogan is not even funny anymore. It worked against Surf and Cal, but that shit is old and lame when you battling someone who has been around longer. Clips made dude look bad, painted a picture of an addict, schemed him to death with it, and came with some dope material. The “choke” was kinda lame,he talks through people’s shit all the time, but he landed some dope punches while free styling, where as Ill did not have one hard punch, scheme, bar, or joke in rd 2or 3. Clips still takes that one. One thing I think niggas do is look at a person who raps well and try to claim they are the better emcee based soley on lyrics. That’s wrong, it’s not emcee it’s MC, Master of Ceremony. You are supposed to be able to rap, but also entertain, carry the crowd, bar and scheme, all while breaking down your opponent. Ill did not break Clips down a fraction. He rapped at him. Clips KILLED him, and that was clear by the way Smack mercifully kept stopping him with the TIME, TIME!!! Just look at the other rappers faces during the battle, and it ain’t a NY thing because everyone wanted Yung Ill to come back and do well. The way Clips exposed him on the dope shit, is gonna be something he will have to deal with in EVERY battle he takes now. He died in this one. Clips 3-0.

        • TipOfTheIceberg

          Fam…its truly amazing if you read the comments here abou this battle. Ive watched it a couple more times u know how they say your opinion changes with more and more views right? After watching it the 3rd time it seems to me that both battlers were lacking their best material. Also seems to me more and more like the 1st and 3rd could go either way lol. But if u look at all the comments here, this is truly the strangest battle ever to hit the net lol. Its so divided man….the only battle ive seen THIS divided is Young Gattas vs Bonnie. I don’t think the opinion of even JC/Chilla was as wild and varied as this haha. Cant wait till Clips/Surf and Ill/Shine

        • myian barnes

          Two strong fan bases. If you look at a lot of the comments, they base the decision on why they don’t like one or the other and not what happened.

    • TipOfTheIceberg

      How Charlie just fucked up his second round was mad awkward. Blamin ill coz he was talking…everyone does that, especially clips. Anyway he didn’t say much that caught my attention….the babs bunny line was weak…the ‘smoke ill like a cigarette’ line was even weaker. Clear round for I’ll. Clips and DNA just had the VLAD interview where they both said u cant win a round if u choke in it….that was a BAD choke.

    • TipOfTheIceberg

      just watched the 3rd round all I know for sure is the crowd was gassin shit I didn’t find clips punches half as hard as that crowd did…but with that said ills 3rd came off more week than Clips’ round did. so Clips round 3….ill round 2,….and the first round was both their best I don’t even know who I give it to. I don’t see how this can be the worst body u ever seen fam…especially when the nigga u said did the bodying choked in the second.

  • niyon

    Stop allowing personal feelings towards battler rappers cloud your judgement on who won and who lost. I personally am not a fan of Clips but he won 2-1 possibly 3-0 I just feel Ill got round 1 because of his versatility in that round. Clips schemes seem forced to me and at times over hyped I would love to cee that third round clips an entire battle. Lyrically he is up there with anyone out there not name Lux IN MY OPINION!!!

  • ArkansasBlacc

    I liked yung ill better and why bummy ass niggas all ways say a nigga gay lol

  • nine5for

    clips doing his thing this year

    • Omega

      really…his only clear wins are hollohan and dirtbag dan

  • CR

    Yung ILL is terrible..Clips with another win with a average performance…B Magic the only battle rapper to beat clips when he didnt go hard

    • TheG

      i dont git how yall rate these cats…sum of these rap dude jus dont have me checkin 4 dem nigguhz clips is not….wit dat b’n said ill 2-1!!!

  • kato5209

    Dis battle coulda went either way honestly. If u prefer da complex bars n a complete finesse spitter then u’ll pick ILL. If u like da schemes hard hit bars then u’ll choose Clips.

  • Spike

    Good Battle, I got ILL 2-1. Clips had a good 3rd, but not enough. Clips stop going pass your given time. You are trying to sneek a win. Glad to see you back and fresh ILL ….

    • kato5209

      Damn u aint lying. I heard this event was suppose 2 b 2 mins a round except for the John John n JC battle. Yea dats some shit Clips will pull except for the Arsonal battle.

  • J

    The fans killing battle rap seriously. I know you guys love jerking Clips off but he clearly lost no debating. This nigga first grade level with his bars. Its sad when Ill spit that heat and you dick jerkers still go with the elementary student smh. Ill 3-0. And Smack just as guilty for rewarding Clips all the time. Real nigga time is bullshit.

    • Nolies357

      What Did ill Say That Impressed you?

      • Raythekid85


      • D

        Pick n roll,112, speak from the dead thats only 3

    • Whatyofeetsmelllike

      Charie lost to Serious,Magic,Big T and it’s either a tie or loss with yung ill

    • CPG718

      You just another weird, dick riding Midwest fag that dont want to admit a loss! That Drug Scheme from Clips in the first round Killied EVERYTHING Ill tried. AND ILL GAY so that you make gay too!

  • Don

    ill won this 2-1… Ill took 1st round, ill took 2nd cuz Charlie choked… And Charlie took da 3rd… It’s honestly debatable based off wat u like tht 1st round

  • Canin

    2-1 clips

  • Young miles

    Young ill just got smack, smack who is this nigga, ma’am the drugs got ill, or maybe he was not so ready, lets give him one more battle first one in awhile but he lost clearly, 2-1 and that’s bc, Charlie stop in the second, Evansville Indiana we here

  • pimpin slimm

    Clips unloaded on Yung

  • Fats

    This battle is trash nobody won

  • K9 aka 40BoY

    not a great battle but clips 2-1 could of been 3-0.. if he would of stopped at the v neck line he could of took it

  • Kev

    im a clips fan but that going over time limit and choking second round lost him the battle in my eyes. if you cant kill em in 2 mins dont set the time or accept. win by young ill for sticking to the script

  • TipOfTheIceberg

    So I read all the comments first and haven’t watched the battle yet damn ive seen ever such divided opinions. I see ill 3-0, Clips 3-0 body bag and 2-1 for both.
    Either this one debatable ass battle or one of you group of niggas buggin.

  • TipOfTheIceberg

    conclusion after seeing this battle is hella debatable. the only clear round to me is I’ll got the second coz clips had an awful choke. I personally edge clips the 3rd and I’ll the first but would be ok with someone else goin the other way. I’ll did good IMO to show that he’s back. Crist…clean…not a single stumble….had great word play. Good match no matter who u give it to.

  • Leekluv216

    Ill 2-1 easy!!! I feel like Clipse boring with all these schemes and shit Shit gets old, real quick. I know son got a ton of fans don’t attack me, its jus my opinion lol

    • Leekluv216


  • AllMe

    Both of these niggas lost.

  • niyon

    Ill came with it but clips won 2-1 great battle in my eyes

  • niyon

    My bad i lied Ill won due to the second round choke of clips to me a choke is an automatic lost round to me

  • Sha Money

    i’m Keeping in harlem 142 and Lenox Ave Clips Killed Oooo Kill Em

  • Hubert DeRavin


  • Hubert DeRavin

    Don’t get me wrong the battle was on point. All I’m saying is Clips didn’t have to whine so much he could’ve cut that shit short and still came off with that round. Either way ills round two was ok but clips choked. The Win could go either way depending on how you judge it. That round one was flames though I’m gonna watch that again. Welcome back Young iLL

  • therealestcritic

    Why he aint give my son young ill a pound at the end ?

    • Omega

      nigga was salty

      • OneMic

        No doubt you can especially see that in the second round . “Don’t do dat man , stop ILL “. Stop making excuses clips spit your round .

  • G depp

    Yung ill won 2-1

  • Decent Battle

    Listen to this battle bar for bar and Yung Ill got it. Crowd really makes these battles hard to judge on camera because ohhhs and ahhhs give niggas an advantage to the listener bc it appears as if the battle rapper is dropping that heat. But when you in NY and you from NY you should expect to get then ohhhs and ahhhs. Check out that third after Clips got mad, and see the crowd lose interest. Home field advantage from the stans and Clips still lost 2-1. Surf about to cook that fat bastard too.

    • Gee got them real street bars

      • Whatyofeetsmelllike

        Charlie gonna die vs surf

        • D


  • Gee

    when it come down to lyrical content ill easily one..entertainment wise clips win to most ppl,but when it comes to intricate bars and multi rhyme scheme,wordplay he loses…Me enjoying someone rhyme in between bars that with nice bars iLL got this..Battling is about who’s the better EMCEE

  • PA AllDay

    Ill 2-1 Easy

  • Ceaser

    Yall fools must be crazy to give dis to ill… clips caught a body.. clearly!!!


      U must like simple bars.. Clips be rhyming hit with mit..then hell say pit..Iol..I swear I be predicting his next bars as he’s spitting !!!You fans keep letting him get away with it!!!

      • Gee

        he has a “selfie” so u kno he from the new generation of kids who doesn’t know what a real lyricist sounds like..

        Clips rhymes: sad,mag,grab stab,fag
        the abc list goes on

        • Ceaser

          stfu nigga

        • battle fan

          hahahahahahahahahah you on point about clip

      • danny wilkons

        tru but ill aint nice at all 4 real…it just aint there

    • Nolies357

      Clearly No Debating!

    • javalin

      What body? Clips is the same predictable clips. Ill got that battle. But it was a good battle

    • Whatyofeetsmelllike

      Crazy bcause we have a diffrent opinion. You might be a faggot ass homo.

      • D

        I think your the coolest racist I know.

  • Honest Lee

    Clips 2-1. First round was very competitive, 2nd Round Charlie choked, 3rd Round Yung Ill was on his struggle bar shit. Quite academic. Good to see Yung Ill back though.

  • Rexchap

    Yo, i HONESTLY TRIED to give ILL a rd! But i just couldn’t! He has a few nice PUNCHES, but they just WEREN’T enough! It looked like the drug talk Clips laid on him, had him just a LITTLE unnerved! He still performed tho, but Clips had TOO MANY!!! I don’t think Clips ‘choked’, he was jst thrown off and then cut it short, but STILL delivered! That “MORE EYES ROLLIN THAN A RATCHET CONVERSATION” was TOO FUNNY! LOLOLOLOLOL

    • myian barnes

      exactly, I don’t understand how people don’t see that

      • Rexchap

        Cuz they don’t WANT to see that! When their favorite rapper is flowing, everything is gassed, but when the other cat spits, they hear CHARLIE BROWN adult talk ” WAH WAH, WAH WAH WAH”

    • Logic

      Clips did choke indeed.

  • Guccitwice

    Clipse won easily ill suck its not just bars dick heads i been watching smack since the beginning only a new dick rider wld say ill won its about delivery swag, punch etc everything goes into consideration

    • Nolies357


      • Gee

        Nigga said its about swagg…lmaooo

    • TheG

      if u been watch’n smack for years, then u wud kno nigguhz like wut nigguhz like……t-rex has 0 bars but is 1 of the best out,….certain nigguhz jus got it…and certain nigguhz dont brah….u jus hate ah nigguh cuz where he frum then u not a tru fan….u are ah “dick rider”!!!!

  • Nolies357

    It bothers Me that People would actually Find a way to give Young ill the win… He Lost Every Round Badly…Clips Choked Badly And Still Had More Effective Sht in round 2….. Smh Clips 3-0… Reply Some Hot Shit Young Ill Said…

    • Rexchap

      I agree, the HOTTEST shit that he said and ONLY cuz he delivered it well, was the 112 line! SMH!!!

      • Nolies357

        lol..Every one That Says Clips Lost Gotta Be Anti NY…Or Cant Be A Real Battle Rap Fan…

  • Pappy Mason

    Clips 2-1 ILL got 1 round off technicality that’s it like for real this was YUNG ILL comeback really? his rounds were not enough for real being a good battle rapper is having bars people get right on the spot most people don’t want to think people’s attention span is short now a days ILL better go back to the drawing board CLIPS is on his shit right now

  • Manuel

    Yo Smack release the Conceited vs Yung Ill battle. Its been a few fucking years now my nigga, fuck you waiting for.

  • mrkj

    ill gave that niggA the ol pic a branch so i can whoop that ass ol skool style type of shit… clips as always gots the bars but bitchin like a female when u know u trailin and uknow damn well ur writtens aint workn cost u the L fosho……. ills comebacc battle def a good look….. i had ill bodyin the first snatchin the second off clips cryin and draw in the third cuz ill had a short ass round… but this how u know dna hella young cuz he misses every ill reference but pretends to understand watch his reactions he hella has late reactions……..

  • munch

    you lost your mind

  • GuestwithacapG

    Clips lost. This ain’t even one of them battles where I give it to ill but can see how a nigga can say clips won. I can’t see how any honest fan can say clips won this with those simple ass lines. Not only that but they got niggas saying he caught a body. Clearly Dick riders.

    • TFOH

      and if you think ILL won, you’re NOT a dickrider?? Interesting!!!!


    Damn Clips left Young Ill hangin at the end of the battle…smh

    • TFOH

      That’s how street niggas do it! “TFOH ILL” is what Clips was sayin!

      • MMLP2

        You actually think Clips is a street nigga?

  • PZ

    Facts, People wanna see Charlie. He cutting fingers off. Lets see that Roc Rematch after Surf. If he aint in a box.

  • Don

    just watched this again and i still cant understand the hype about ILL yeah he nice but sometimes he says simple shit in an extra way but that ain’t work today, his first was his best and i still edge that to clips cos ILL’s first was kinda really short few lines that’s it clips beat him clearly NO DEBATING ……..

  • Tookey

    ill first one was crazy. you know you say some dope shit when b magic is cheering you cause that nigga dont be liking no one lines. lol. 2-1 ILL nobody got body

  • Aaron Hernandez

    If you think ill won lol you gone crazy never got the crowd involved low voice ass boring

  • joenough

    sorry but k-shine is going to lose against yung ill

  • joenough

    ill said im bombin shots that open up mom and pops like a corner store…that was coo

  • Edwin Stagg


  • joenough

    I like clips but didn’t he do that talkin shit wit his battle wit b magic, Funny shit

  • Edwin Stagg


  • Queen of the bling

    What is going on with Clips…. He lost to B Magic, JC, and now Young Ill. Clips need to take some time off to perfect his craft smh! Young ill 2-1

  • Don

    clips 3-0 even with the choke ILL’s first was his best n was too short ….

  • Chosen15


  • Tony Brown

    I agree, the fans is Fucking battle rap up with all the favoritism, but clips got this1

  • rod

    how nobody said nothing to yung ills controller scheme? non madden playing asses lol



  • on point

    Clips a b***** but he still won if smack didnt want him to finish then he did more than enough, thers no reason to go hard on ill when he jus came back. Clips the only nga that says a lot with a few words. (Straight to the point)

  • tycarterbk

    clips with another one. yung ill was cold however.

  • MrEverSoul

    You MF’s is bugging out!! Str8 HATING!! Clips pan fried this nigga! After the O red and now Clips battle, Young ill? Who is that nigga?? Charlie 2-1 only cause he fucked up in the 2nd. KEEP IT REAL MA NIGGAS AND STOP HATING JUST CAUSE YOU AINT A FAN!!!

  • flipper773

    Clips 3-0 super easy

  • CPG718

    ILL is the first gay battle rapper. Congrats bro! You won at something nigga LOL!

  • CPG718

    Clips 2-1 but ILL put up a little fight, ILL should go to Queen of the Ring! Damn Clips you done killed all these Midwest dudes Bodybag shit 4 real!

  • Chitown

    dem niggaz b dick ridin clips every battle he do dude aint dat nice real shit quit gasing dude he is overrated

  • Swagg

    Are you niggas serious. Charlie clips 3-0 or 2-1. If he didn’t choke that second round he would of easily steamrolled iLL and iLL didnt suck this battle. Clips just knows how to win.

  • AllEyezOnAce

    ill 2-1 Charlie just too predictable all he do is say da same shit Conceited need to come 3-0 this nigga I aint even gon mention Lux or Hollow

  • k moneyva

    yung ill all day clips choked


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