Chilla Jones Battle Rap Record

CjCiTy sits down and discusses chilla jones battle rap record with the fans


  • myian barnes

    Good analysis! I am kinda torn over a couple because like CJ, I think Chilla’s complexity earns him extra points most of the time. I disagree on a few battles though….I thought he won EVERY round against Ciddy, I thought each rd was close, but Chilla edged them. The YK battle was a draw in my book, I can’t see how nyone could clearly give that one to either rapper. I think Magic beat him 2-1 though.

  • Helovechilla

    This nigga is in love with Chilla. Real talk

    • jmoney

      Nigga is hugging on chilla’s dick a little tight

      • Ahmad Willis


    • Ace Boon Coon

      CjCiTy had to wipe his mouth after he did this video from all that dick suckin he was doing

  • Itzme

    NO WAY did he beat JC when you break it down bar 4 bar. He always waits for crowd response. JC spits straight bars and don’t worry about crowd response

  • Strongchef

    He said it perfectly, Chilla did edge JC in every round of that battle

  • Gods-demon

    Chilla top 5 all day its about word play and his shit crazy

  • tycarterbk

    is this necessary

  • jmoney

    and nigga stay hatin on JC too smh,

  • ThatOne

    I cant take this nigga serious anymore, JC and B Magic caught a body vs Chilla, like I said before u can never actually talk someones blog for true cause people have favorites an clearly this nigga loves chilla

    • ThatOne


  • 313kev

    See this the shit i’m talking bout Chilla said he lost, but this nigga said he won smh. If a mc say he lost he lost no debating

  • Jnyce415

    this nigga is in luv with chilla be real he got bodied in the 3rd vs Jc clearly

  • Mark Darkmanx

    The whole time watching this video i was praying for something to fall from the ceiling and busting him in the head i mean, You should never hate anyone as much as i hate this guy…Hes never accurate with any of his analysis and in this particular blog i would have thought he was chilla Jones side piece….Chilla is a good battler but bottom line he puts people to sleep with his extreamly long ass sceams……..Smack why do u continue to allow him to make blogs do u owe him a favor? or is he a relative?…ghtfoh


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    RT @Vada_Fly: @Bonus8707 This nigga been wiggin lately....... my fingers fit in the keys!
  • Gentleman & A Savage
    RT @BattleRapMoveM1: Just Finished watching @CORTEZ_HSP vs @Iam_AWard and this is was good for the culture it was very back and forth good…
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    This shit be too easy for me #LetMeHitManHolla
  • Gentleman & A Savage
    Thanks Bret!