CjCiTy – Exclusive URL Interview + Freestyle

CjCiTy does an exclusive interview for URL and talks about bars, top 5 battles, how he got started and more


  • ohgod

    I like this nigga.

  • real talk

    lol lol hes interviewing himself lol lol

    • ohgood


  • RespectDaCulture

    I guess I clicked play to hear CJ babble n spit bars with no replay value. It’s sad dude, so giving u battle bars, I had to…n hand u a lyrical ass whoopin u couldn’t handle! Jumpin ahead, u discredited Lux n Cal n until now I rocked with u but fucc it, how u got the nerve to say that dumb shyt, u punk, trip, and u’ll really kick the bucket!

    All in good humor brotha…friendly competition! lol


    Keep doing your blogs homie…



  • CjCiTy

    I said YO!! … Why you Dissin City when fans say he’a icon, with that beam i put a dot on ya body like your avi icon. You say my bars got no reply value, how come? you clicked on my vid, we all saw you “press play” like the diddy album.. Respect the culture? With them wack ass bars you need to study more its obvious you dont respect da culture, when my team riot on you bet then you’ll respect da cult sure! BARS! LOL!

    • RespectDaCulture

      Big ups on the rebuttal “Hollow”…kid, u serious? My bars would make ur knees buckle like Hoffa did to Serius! N I hope u take me serious…cuz that drama won’t compare to this! U silly kid…u couldn’t even see me in ur City! Quit the hatin! I’ll karate kick ur ass like I was
      asian…drop u to the pavement…then bury u in ur grave n worry about it

      SM4…Lets get it poppin!!! lmao

  • Lack

    U sound mad corny rapping like a fucking nerd gtfoh

  • Tank

    This shit nice !


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