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1 – One year ago you started a ‘Bar Breakdown’ series on your YouTube Channel CjCity TV… How did you come up with the idea?

The whole concept was really inspired by Chilla Jones Vs B-magic. You had one guy doing setup punchline… set up punchline… set up punchline and another guy with these secretive “Schemes” within his rds. This was when schemes were fairly new btw so fans were quick to say Chilla got washed 3-0 cause he’s boring and has too much filler. I was baffled and thought to myself, maybe they don’t see whats going on here cause damn near every line has a meaning. At times Chilla has the least amount of filler. I decided to break it down, not necessarily to school people or change anybodys mind. I just simply wanted to let people understand fully what was going on and then let them decide. Fans really appreciated how in depth and detailed I was, It grew from there… Norbes took a liking to my show and here I am.

2 – You really went into details with your explanations… were some battlers impressed with your work? Which one was the most difficult one to break down?Actually, Nuborn and Superwriter were the first to shout me out. Danja Zone called me soon after when I first started. They were super impressed that I caught so many bars. I see these guys at events and its nothing but love. Cortez, Chilla, Verb and Clips showed the most love but I think all the battlers appreciate my work. Remember this was before the whole bars over names thing ever got started. Back when people said Tsu beat Con or Jc beat Young Kannon just because they were fans of the rapper and not really judging bars man. I feel I kinda helped put the focus back on BARS. The hardest battlers to breakdown for sure are Lux and Daylyt. I never put it out cause I was so busy but Daylyt vs Kg The Poet Bar for Bar breakdown was one of the most difficult ones I’ve done.

3 – What’s your opinion on the new wave of battlers, lyrically… who’s your favorite?

I like the fact that everyone shifted their styles and geared more towards bars, but I don’t like this wordplay frenzy we are in. Where someone might say “I De ter Gents… Deter Gents” just to make it sound like detergent. I love wordplay but sometimes it’s too much man. A lot of people sound the same. Some of my favorites are Ty Law, Chilla, X factor, Rum Nitty, Cortez, Cityy Towers, Presidential Dub, Nuborn, Danja zone, the list really goes on and on…

4 – What did you think of the UFF event overall so far? And did you agree with the judges on the winners?

I like it. It’s better than last year for sure, but like I said… too much of the wordplay. HA double was a perfect example. It just got boring at times. I’ve seen HA flame dudes before so it’s not that he’s wack at all. Just think people should stay away from that style of rap. It’s like name flips… It comes a point in time where it just gets played out. I like the match ups, and it sounded like they had more time to prepare this time. Danny Myers, Sno and Prez really impressed me. The only battle I felt the judges got wrong was the Ty Law vs Prez battle. To me Ty Law got that even with the slip up.

5 – Do you like where battle rap is going at the moment? Leagues booming everywhere, ‘Total Slaughter’ reality show…. I do. It’s at the forefront and everybody watches it. Battle rap is on MTV and BET, the two main stations for music. It’s really become a genre of its own. I hate the new leagues to be honest. I like I-Battle, KOTD, We Go Hard and anybody else who’s building artist from their own cities, but some people just book all the big names and try to make a quick buck. In my eyes that is putting a black eye on battle rap. They ruin potential classic because dudes can say I only did it for the check and not write hard, just go light, they throw one round battles and mess everything up. Thats like AMC doing the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight and instead of 12 rds its a 4 rd fight smh.

6 – You recently hosted and flipped the coin for the B Magic & Rum Nitty battle on KOTD… can you tell who won? I had Rum Nitty 2-1. I gotta do a bar for bar breakdown so I can catch more bars but I’m sure I won’t change my mind on that. They both went it. Shout out B-magic for coming to Cali and taking Nitty serious. I got super respect for him after doing that.

7 – And what did you think of the whole Vendetta 2 card overall? KOTD has really come back to the forefront of the battle rap scene nowadays… Card was crazy man. I was let down by a few battles, like Big T vs Bender and Verb vs Caustic but everything else was crazy. KOTD is really out here working, so salute them. Especially for throwing more events in the West so I don’t have to fly outta town anymore to see them.

8 – Give me your three favorite battle rappers of the West Coast… Daylyt, Rum Nitty, and Dizaster. I know Diz is a mess, I know he’s sloppy, but when it comes to the art of rap. That guy is something special fam…

9 – By the way, where are you from man? Did you grow up in a Hip Hop/battle rap environment? I’m from I.E (Inland Empire) Moreno Valley… Riverside County! I was a fan of battle rap since day one. The first time I ever rapped a word was in a battle. Had no idea what I was doing, I just wanted the females to like me and get popular at school bro lol. Followed the rap Olympics, blaze battles, Scribble jams, Smack DVD’s all that.

10 – What dream match-up that hasn’t happened yet do you want to see? I wanna see Loaded Lux vs The Charlie Clips that battle Aye Verb… I wanna see Conceited vs Cassidy so Con could wash him once and for all… Conceited vs Nuborn … Chilla Jones vs B Magic pt 2 … I wanna see Pat Stay on URL, Magic vs Ty law … Maybe Eminem vs Lux too. The list goes on for this as well…

11 – You recently dropped a mixtape ‘Souled Out’… which had a lot of dope tracks. Was it your first mixtape and how did that come to fruition? Naw I had more mixtapes before that. I really been around the block. Wrote for artists, rapped in a group so I been doing it a while now. The mixtape idea came as I was working on another project. Had the whole club songs and bangers ready to go, but mid way I was like why?? I just wanted to drop something that I felt. I just sold out to what I felt in my soul and that’s why I called it ‘Souled Out’. It was like an intermission from the other music I was writing, it took about 3 months to do. I think we all should just write music we feel, not cater to what’s popular or try to make hits to get a record deal. I started the mixtape off and said “I use to want a record Deal but them Deals nobody Deal’s out!” I also said on the same track “I seen rappers make hits, but HITS DON’T MAKE RAPPERS… others chasing after a hit, BUT AINT NO HITS AFTER.” Pretty much implying make the music you wanna make. All I ask is for something dope and creative at the end of the day.

12 – On the track ‘The Long Way’ you speak about having to blog to get some exposure and finally do your music… talk to us about that… Yeah, funny you spoke on ‘Long Way’ cause that was just some lyrical exercise. I just penned down what I felt in that moment, that’s why it’s only one verse. Every now and again I just toss a beat on and write whatever with no intentions on using it. For some reason it made the project though. With that line I was just referring to back in the days, I had an older YouTube channel that I just upload my music and stuff on. It never took off like that, because as you know, it’s a million artist or a million funny comedic bloggers on YouTube. I just found it crazy that the battle rap blogs I created took off and I never thought that’s where most of my fans on YouTube would come from.

13 – You got Ayeverb, Cortez & Mickey Factz on there… all of them belong to the battle rap world and also make good music. Are they some of your favorite battle rap artists? Definitely. I like all three of them and respect what they do. I actually had a project I was working on where ever track was going to showcase a different battle rapper and that’s where those songs came from. I might still do that one day but I’m on some other type music right now. My next few projects are going to be more concept based or story telling so not sure Ima do it anytime soon. We shall see though.

14 – Do you want to be a rapper full time or do you have other things on the side? What do you want to achieve ultimately? Definitely wanna make my mark in music. I’m out performing, doing shows, writing, so yeah. I’m an artist first. I really want to bring bars and creativity to the rap world or main stream industry. I mean when’s the last time you heard a major artist get on a track and bar out. Or tell a story that was crazy or just did something completely different? I wanna be the forefront to drive other artist to story tell, come up with a concept, get on a track and bar out, do something other than club songs and ratchet music. I wanna be the spokes person for creativity man. Let’s be artist and paint and do something CREATIVE.

15 – Who do you like in the Hip Hop scene nowadays? What was the last Hip Hop album/mixtape that left a strong impression on you? I like Joe Budden, Kendrick, J Cole, Drake, Jay-z, Wale, little bit of Action Bronson and Los. The last project that really moved me was Mickey Factz ‘Mickey Mause’. That really made me wanna start story telling again, which I will be in the next few projects.

16 – Do you see the independent route today as a good thing, in terms of allowing artists to fully express themselves? I see it good as far as exposure goes; it’s great an artist can build a fan base on his own now and accomplish his own dreams, but the downfall to that is everybody wants to rap, get on YouTube, put out a mixtape. It gives good artist a hard time to get known because consumers have to weave through so much BS just to find us. As far as the expressing themselves goes… that’s cool but honestly I would rather see a MAINSTREAM ARTIST express himself! That’s more important to me. Someone has to make it popular again to express yourself and talk about something that means something.

17 – Have you got a new project on the stove already? Yessir. Hopefully dropping by the end of the Year. It’s called ‘Conception’. Pretty much every song will Conceive a Concept of its own. It’s just a project full of Creative Concepts. Like the song I did ‘Where am I’ For example. On the new one I have a song about a meeting with Jay-Z, or an undercover cop, chasing this kingpin and then when he finally catches him it reveals something crazy at the end, got this crazy part 2, of a 2pac song, stuff like that. Just a project to showcase Concepts and Creativity.

18 – Any last words fam? Yeah, shout out all the fans of my blogs. I appreciate everybody. If you ever see me at events, holla at me, I’m never Hollywood to no body. Please check out all the music I make because its hella dope! I’m not just a blogger. I’m an artist first. My last project did pretty good. Like 25k downloads on Datpiff. Support and show love to CjCityTv on YouTube as well. Shout out Catchabody.mag too!

Download CjCity mixtape on Datpiff: www.datpiff.com/CjCiTy-Souled-Out-mixtape.579169.html

Suscribe to CjCity channel on YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/CjcityTv

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