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With clips on vicious winning streak and hollow coming of a classic, clips seeks out hollow as his next victim. Is Hollow Da Don VS Charlie Clips a match-up the masses want to see. Drop your thoughts and comments!!


  • Fizz

    Would b great on dat NOME4 card

    • Food4thought

      They too friendly , it won’t be as intense set up T. rex vs charlie

      • Anonymous

        yeah exactly but i think clips would put on cause hollows had a legendary battle with lux……..smack joe budden vs hollow set it up for sm4…budden said he would battle him when the business gets right

        • factz not mickey

          This battle would be another classic smack better spot bs before he go broke and all the top teir finish battling each other oh no calicoe vs shine done goodz vs con charlie clipz vs ya fav done con vs ya fav don lol i guess by the time smack have a best performance clause n identify these pg niggas wont save em hell relize arsonal shitted on em but i got hollow beating clipz if clipz do a sike i lied hes dead

    • hushington

      hollow would have to fall back for a minute and enjoy his pay and study for Charlie like he did for lux because if he steps in early and gets his head swoll Charlie will slaughter his ribs….hollow can win if hes smart and takes his time..Charlie is a beast.great match though it would be…I would like Charlie to take ill will….p.s. lux aint getting another 40 k payday…

  • Champ da don

    Fuck Charlie clips he over rated don’t care wat nobody say

  • DRE

    He is overrated, i’m surprised people callin for him to battle lux lol!!

    • bundlez

      Lol u talkn bout clips being overrated but u brought up luxs name lmaoff

  • Jo Rich


    • Anonymous

      setrrrrrrrr up smack

  • kit

    thats a good one they both are funny so the jokes is gonna be crazy

    • face

      Na it wouldn’t b good because hollow don’t have setups and bars like clips. He will do hollow like surf and lux did him.. hollow need to bag back and pick something else to do

  • red rifle

    yea cuz he beat lux and you lost to magic lol seems legit

    • Anonymous

      Man get the fuck off that salt.. surf killed hollow lux beat hollow and clips will beat hollow.. hollow just got a big fan base he not even in top 5

      • red rifle

        is that you charlie ?

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a good one to me

  • bundlez

    Fk das t set up t-rex vs clips !! I needa see dat matchup dat shty wuld be od 4reall

  • King James

    Hollow is coming off back too back l’s face Facts Loaded sun’d Nigel Real Bad With His 3rd!.

  • Mike

    Nigga yell can’t be serious! Hollow will kill clips. I think magic beat clips and hollow clearly beat lux so think about that!

    • Anonymous

      Man look like u on that salt to..hollow weak not in top 5 surf killed him lux Damn sure beat him and clips would do him.hollow ain’t shit just got a lot of lap sitters like u

  • knom tom bout

    if clips fully prepares this would b classic! both got bars, jokes, freestyle/rebuttals!! set it up asap!!!

  • Jamie

    [email protected] hollow is instant an instant classic. Who they previously battled or lost 2 doesn’t matter. Lux vs hollow all.depends on preference but bar 4 bar breakdown Lux got that 1

  • lylez123

    hollow lost to lux he should be battling suge or somethin lol

  • Anonymous

    uhhhh great investment lux

  • shah

    That would be good battle. Hollow beat Luxs he broke him down 1st and 2nd round. i give lux the 3rd but he lost. People really act like they know what luxs talking about but niggas never got pass the 9th grade. Lol just Cuz it’s sound hot don’t mean it is.

    • facemob

      u must don’t know bettle rap.first of all u can’t brake lux down and hollow weak ass Damn sure can’t lux is the best just face it. Bottom line is bars and No body got bars like lux.. I’m glad u can make it hollow.. just sad u not Go make it hollow enough said

  • Anonymous

    Hollow just probably 3-0 lux 3rd debatable and clips is on a losing streak not a winning streak wut are they talking bout he lost to magic yung ill jc and john john in the quiet room yawl be bias as shit he be choking to much set up hollow vs hitman rematch

    • Anonymous

      Well I see u another hollow lap sitter..lost yo Damn mind and u on that white people crack No body fuckin with lux.. hollow lost last two battles and need to rethink what he going to do next because clips will kill him 2

    • grindmode

      man stop with all that 3-0 bs…..
      now you really seem like a d-rider….. lux did not 3-0 him…..hollow did not 3-0 lux..

  • Brixx

    Magic Beat Clips And Surf Beat Hollow Sooo wwhhaatt!!!!!! There Killers Now And Eveyone Takes Lost And Gets Better From It look at tay rock, o-red, surf, daylyt and verb.

    clips was called battler of 2013 and hollow just beat lux this match-up would honestly make the most sense, especially because clips is an all around perfect battler just like hollow. the reason hollow beat lux is unlike lux hollow battled him he didn’t just spit lyrics that sound nice adn intricate, lux fans are hypnotized by his lyrical performance while hollow had bars, delivery, schemes, a human prop, jokes etc. this battle is one of the battles that would put url back on top real talk

    • Anonymous

      I guess u ANOTHER hollow dick holder. Man surf killed hollow lux Damn near killed him and clips would to.hollow lost last two battles maybe he should just keep making shirt or something

  • Brixx

    Another reason i think this battle would be hot is when hollow battled goodz he called out clips or sent shots then clips did it back way more at sm1 when he battled verb so you know there ready with at least a little bit of ammo for each other

  • url stan

    na smack i would love to see clipz vs hollow but i gotta be fair harlem need to sort itselfout first….gimme clips vs trex or swave vs clips or trex vs swave…..clips isnt the best in harlem yet doesnt deserve hollow over rex yet im sorry im not even a d mob fan

  • clips a fav but I rather see hollow Vs Rex more anyday them two have no regard fo ea other n always bring Dey A Game

  • spank

    hollow killed lux niggas b dick riding

  • spank

    clips vs hollow would b crazy

  • k9

    nah not them too they friends and shit.. book tay roc vs calico or some shit folk that don’t like each other. i aint trying to see no friendly competition.

    • Anonymous

      bro cal and tay are cool too haha

  • sPAWN

    nOME 4
    lUX VS sWAVE

  • Anonymous

    Clips did not loose to Bmagics “like” metaphors in nome 3. Charlie does not have a clear lost !! He only lost the 3rd round vs bmagic

  • julz

    Why people acting like Hollow have to prepare Clips? Don beat Lux by many peoples account and he barely prepared for LUX,. HE HAD A FEW BARS THAT WAS WRITTEN AND SPEND half the battle REBUTTING. Clips much easier than Lux.

  • j

    nome 4!!!! set it up smack nd bease

  • Dmac

    That would be a great battle by far

  • MMLP2

    Hollow just lost every round vs Lux. Why do we want to hear his corny jokes and soft-hitting bars again?




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