• Jamal

    Norbes is such a bitch bro..i swear he is the worse out of the team..everytime someone comes on the show and wants to talk battles outside his league he says something about it…fans calling in to talk about lux or any other battle and he wont discuss it..he does it with every league…yet when its something negative happening in other leagues he wants to dedicate time to speak on it..its either you dont discuss leagues outside of URL or you do..How is what happened in england with dont flop the concern of URL..why are you trying to throw dirt on other leagues? Cause when you have such a big following you put an impression out there in other peoples mind.. are you mad cause the battlers who deal with URL throw dirt on whenever something happens in other leagues you want to compare? fuck outta here norbes you a bitch.. People at the top and the innovators dont look back they keep leading..they make everyone worry about them..not the other way fat stinking jealous bitch…be more like smack and beasely you disgusting excuse for a man..always in the camera talking about bitches when u one of the most hideous niggas ive seen in my life..

    • Longdistance stulla

      Couldn’t have said it better myself – can’t stand that dude , the success of url has definitely got to his fat head

    • ohgod

      TALK to em, Jamal!!

    • Pappy Mason

      I second all of that

    • Florida Boy

      Geesh! Jamal just LANDSLIDED Norbes

    • Ceaser

      He caught dat body easy!!! hahaaa

  • Cozzo36

    Norbes is such a rookie when it comes to being infront of a camera, hes too thirsty and needs to get behind the scenes again and stop dickriding the battle wave. Get him out of our t.v screens, hes killing the culture with his unprofessionalism

  • Cozzo36

    Norbes is a joke


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