Danja Zone reviews his match with Goodz, JC and more

Danja mirrors Goodz’ recent blog breaking his silence on the match up, what he learnt from battling goodz and what’s in-store for the months ahead!


  • Cozzo36

    Damn yo, goodz pulls out some 80 dollar ugg fur slipslops and you do a blog with a du-rag on sipping tap water through a 5ltr coolade drum!!!lool. My ni**ga your asking to get killed!!! Your giving em mad ammo son, step your blog game up yo!!! And you dribbling whilst sipping that tank of water!aaahhhh im dying right now cuz, literally rolling around crying!!loooll loooooll!

  • Cozzo36

    Goodz just took this though real talk danger is defo ready for the big league for sure.

  • Cozz36

    Dangerzone, your hat looks like its part of your tshirt. Literally looks like you have a hole in the tee that you stuck your head through with a ghetto yamaka attached to the top!!!!

    • #truth

      wtf!!! danja you on here looking like a gay ass pirate!! with a swimming cap on… u look bad my nigga…on here crying cuz yo feelings hurt…u aint been the same since that cash eating body bag u caught… i used to fuck with u …but now u just rapping….u lost nigga!!! useen it in your eyes….and u makin battle rap look bad u swagless, incompetent bar spitter..with no feeling and no beleivability … ur an ass bro….and im tired of eeing rappers like u just write for niggas with no real feeling behind it … u got killed by ill will for one reason…ppl fuck eith what he has to say and he dont sound like u niggas…. go back to the danja that bodied cash eating

  • url Stan

    im be honest you arent ready for big stage goodz was average at best an i cant say you shined……you get a chance to go at top tier(alleged) you gotta Kill!! you dont have mamba blood

    • Canin

      Goodz is nowhere near top tier, but you should of killed him clearly, Dana still won but not clearly. It was biased battle

  • haha

    crickets…haha…thats what it was, they showed no love, but probably because your performance was off that day….that 1 first round against ill will you was spazzing…keep it up danja. we dont care about no top tier status….just do you..1

  • Anonymous

    Damn bruh. I had goodz losing after he posted that lame ass blog, but after seeing yours, i’m declaring a draw due extreme corniness. no wonder you niggas can shine past a battle rap stage. lame.

  • Cozzo36

    Danja you losing em!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This nigga sounds like Cleveland brown.

  • jawz

    any nigga who talk’s about niggaz wear’s is gay. zone, you know you killed that dude.


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