Cortez recaps the Dizaster Vs. Cassidy rap battle

Cortez recaps the Dizaster Vs. Cassidy rap battle. @CORTEZ_HSP @THEBEESHINE



  • DBlock

    Nice that they can sit and have a convo without yelling and getting disrespectful the other QOTR ladies should take notice

  • Ken Port

    mis fit got off in that battle vs chayna. ash went in too though. Them so called top tier niggaz aint got barz like them new pg niggaz from last year and a half. He mediocre at best he looked the best to me against hollahan. These cocky ass senority url rappers becomingg extinct becoming and irrelevant. I thought them old url rappers would step they bars up considering the performance lux had. When he set the bar in retrospect them “top tier niggas started playing limbo smh! gun bar gun bar gun bar lack of creativity thereof. Paycheck battle rappers are taking over battlerap. I fuck with the hungry niggas like ill will bigg k b magic all original styles with thier own aura. Too many of these battle rappers pick a formula run with it to get a check. These niggas get twitter fans and get the big head. These battlers dont keep it a buck about they losses either. I feel in my opinion if you got 1 phenomanol rd that is potent enough to take out the other 2 its a win. Dumb fans with a lowIQ starting to ruin battle rap with this bias shit. But who am i you trolls prolly going to bash this comment id give af though lol thats yall job smh,

    • Sexyprincess

      female battle tuff

  • FlyGuyBrooklyn

    cortez really did get robbed.. it happen in my hood (coney island)! the dude that actually did the robbing is affiliated with dot mobb.. it happen at some event that took place in my hood in which math hoffa, hollow the don and chambers attendant! it was so wild that night, someone actually got killed (off topic). dont believe me, hollow mention about the murder in his thisis50 interview with JackThrilla and math also heavily tweeted about the shooting situation when it first took place!

    • Sexyprincess

      robbin 2 normal

    • rytoops


      • FlyGuyBrooklyn

        if I’m a rat cortez a rat for saying he gave math the gun to hit mook in the head with it.. if im a snitch, math a dry-snitch for evening glorifying that he did the shit in the first place.. just like every other battle rapper who brings up this robbery that happen to Rex.. i guess we all snitches than bro

        • L.j. TrillaGeez

          see but its just rap and entertainment. it may did happen, it might not but fans and bloggers be the ones pushing it past Entertainment, it just rap..

    • FrizShalla

      Ash won that battle between her and Fit, don’t believe me…..then google it. I have no idea why Chayna giving Ms Fit shine for, its a wrap!!

    • Mr.Rude

      U one of them Run-N-Tell it on the internet from the comfort of yo own home type niggas huh?…Oh aight… Lmaoo

  • airreya51

    Much respect to Both Female MC’s

  • Rexchap

    It’s ALL JUVENILE to talk about people getting robbed and chains being snatched!!!! Grow up PEOPLE….who gives a fuck???


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