Cortez Releases Rd 1 From Tech-9 Battle

Cortez Re-Spits his first rd. from his unreleased battle vs Tech Nine on SMACK/URL!
For more updates follow Cortez on twitter & IG @Cortez_HSP



  • CoolWhipWinston

    Tough !

  • Florida Boy

    its a damn shame this the way we gotta hear his rounds

  • Zedric Young

    you bitch got the best brains but the worst iq

  • JMH2235

    Now if you say Cortez wack, you hating straight up.

  • Lejos De Ficticia

    what happened to the big t vs k shine battle dropping today?! #RNT though i guess

  • barondebxl

    Cortez is one of the realest nigga on url, ive always said it.

  • DRE

    I thought Smack was posting Shine vs Big T??

  • WTF

    nigga official.

  • Therealhottshot

    We need to hear tech i bet he shit that whoole shit down lol prolly classic material if only we could see it..its like smack says hes the coulture but we never see upto date shit even the annoucements come late meanwhile other leagues witch are not bigger but see that downfall n tend to do the opposite to get the play they need.. i understand big events for those who didnt cone out and see it live should have to wait a week are two but wen events happend and we dont see footage untill months are even years later it kills the anticapation and momentum the coulture has,it went from us all being able to talk about the events to
    Uuuugh”you see that cortez vs dizaster?” They battled? Hey didn’t he battle tech 9? U see that one yet?..naw..smh as the face of this battle rap culture yall have to be in it as much as us and want to drop the footage as bad as we wanna see it.SSSMMMMMAAAAAAACCCCCKKKK


      you think tech shut shit down? tech is the worst nigga in the url. gtfoh LMAO YOU GOTTA BE PLAYIN OR SLOW LOL. that nigga tech is really the very bottom of url even under rosenburg. he dont need to release these round cuz CORT BAGGED THE NIGGA SINCE THE COIN FLIP

      • Therealhottshot

        Ooh shit u seen tha battle bro?…oh aight untill then we dont know and if im correct this wouldn’t be techs first body if he won

  • Tony Brown

    I already know he won the first round, don’t really need to hear tech 9

  • A.j. Johnson

    that nigga CORTEZ #snapped!….thats the TEZ im use 2

  • gwvaio

    Wait, so why does he have to do this in the 1st place? Why won’t this battle get released like everyone else’s?

  • JB

    That Nigga Cortez Is Lame. He Can Spit, But I Dont Like His Disposition. What?!?! The Battle Ain’t Coming Out Or Some Shyt, why this nigga shooting out like dis?

  • 8====D~~~~(.)(.) = babies


  • Therealhottshot

    Still unreleased smh wassup Smack?


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