Cortez Releases Rd 3 From Tech-9 Battle

Cortez’s Unreleased 3rd Rd vs. Tech 9!



  • Got I dude lol


  • Dat Nicca

    Fukc the dumb shyt, Cortez is NICE (Rich Dollarz voice)! A lot of you fukcboys wanna run around talking about “he don’t seem real to me” or “I just can’t get with Cortez” or “Cortez always losing battles” SHUT THE FUKC UP! Cortez is one of the top workers at the craft. He may not bring his A-game in every single battle, but as we have seen with Hollow, K-Shine, Verb, and pretty much all the other top tier cats, sometimes they have a bit of an off game (ex. Hollow in Hitman battle, Shine in Big-T battle, and Verb in Clips battle). There’s no way you can watch Cortez (1) destroy Metta in Metta’s hometown, (2) destroy Diz in Diz’s hometown, (3) destroy Hollohan in Hollohan’s hometown, and (4) pretty much put the nail in the coffin of Tech9’s URL main stage career, and not give the dude props for being one of the best doing it. He’s no doubt top tier. His A-game can get with pretty much anyone’s A-game. I seen Chilla Jones trying to bark at Cortez on twitter and l’m like nicca please…your rookie ass can’t hold a light to what Cortez has done in his career. Take a seat my nicca!

    Cortez eff the haters my dude! Be consistent and keep at it…they can only deny your skills for so long.

    • mahdi777

      You were speaking some good stuff til that Chilla Jones part. Any one that has sense know that Tez could never handle a rapper like JC or DNA, 2 that Chilla gave the biz to. Tez holds his own, but b/c a person is a rookie, does not equal an L. That is a very asinine thought. Even the greatest Jordan got crossed over by AI, so stop sleeping b/c someone new, everyone has to start somewhere. #commonsense

  • JMH2235

    Man I wish you could have spit those 4 barz but I respect that you keep your word. Thats real

  • Swerve

    Cortez seems like a cool ass dude.

  • myian barnes

    I guess it’s Cortez 3-0…..Tech ain’t even show up to the battle

  • mahdi777

    dang that 3rd was mean. mmmm, defo would have been one of Tez’s best bar fests

  • pistol

    cortez go hard


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