Cortez Says He’ll 3-0 Jimz for the right Price



  • @itzdmb

    DNA took that 2-1

  • SMH

    dna 3rd round………. GG

  • Emoney

    DNA 2-1 Ars got the first round

  • jay

    3-0 ars won…. dna let me down….

  • newera65




    yo great battle both did there thing respect to both

  • Macmar415

    Ars 2-1.
    Ars edged 1st rnd.
    I give them both a tie for 2nd & 3rd.
    They both went in on this battle, but ars flipped everything DNA said he was gonna say in rnd 1 to edge him on the win. if it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t know who to give the win too.
    Niggas need to get off that Clips writing for DNA, crying to Smack about props, and bitching on twitter when they lose blaming the crowd.

  • dj .semi-auto

    4real dis one was a draw

  • nick

    These two need to take a break from battle rap for a few. go work on some music or something.

    • Kid Dynomite

      I thought I was the only one who thought both of these niggas iis ass

  • Florida Boy

    DNA 1st round negated alot of what Ars said….good battle im a take DNA 2-1….Ars can rhyme his ass off but i liked DNA angles better this battle

    Ay Smack u gone have to battle Ars next cause he stay taking shots at u lol

    • Dante’

      This Not No 8Mile Shit, If A Nigga Say Something Hot Then Its Hot

      • Florida Boy

        yea and my opinion is DNA said more hot shit so i give him the nod

  • Andre Harris

    2-1 either way. I gave it to Ars 1st and 3rd. But it’s debatable. Ars clearly won round 1, DNA edged round 2 and the 3rd was debatable. DNA had some good moments but Arsonal just rapped for a longer time and so he landed more punches. But thats like Charlie Clips vs X-factor. X-Factor had some moments but clips rapped for so long he landed more punches. So I give it to Arsonal. Smack and this nigga need to squash the beef and get Ars back on Smack so Hollow can avenge his worse defeat. I know it was a old battle but Arsonal cooked Hallow that battle and in front of Dame Dash when Dame Dash was that nigga.

  • ElectrikNYCfunk

    I got DNA bias he just said more relevant shyt

  • STD CHeck up!

    3-0 dna bodied

  • hella


  • WTF?

    Were we all watching the same battle…? i mean the look on all 3 of their faces ( Charlie, DNA, CON) in the second and 3rd speak volumes about who actually won this battle. All i can say is 2013 aint looking good for DNA right now.

  • Eleanor Ivy

    you rapping about someones dead father……go back to the pad cause you are out of lines



    • blu

      Fuck Ars But fans still wanna see good battles n this was one

  • And Im Crip

    DNA good come back from that last battle with K-Shine. This battle was a good battle they both did they thing each round but i gotta give it to Queens 2-1 them dad jokes got corny

  • marcus1027

    DNA was spittin literally

  • barondebxl

    DNA real talk

  • the5thgod

    DNA killed that nigga. Ars is wild corny.

  • Mr.Ha Ha

    Dna predicted this nigga exactly

  • SpiTya

    dna rounds 2&3. dna exposed ASSONAL.!! ASSONAL had too many fillers AGAIN and he talked about dna dad too much, got old..!!! p.s. that joe button line is really old.!! Smack did the right dumping this nigga.!

  • slightwork

    DNA predicated this nigga in round 1..then exposed him in round 3. 2-1 DNA, Ars dad jokes got too old..ars but he did “body” this nigga LMAO

  • Antony Hall

    DNA spent a little too much time trying to anticipate Arsenal GAME plan, i give it to Arsenal just based on Lyrical word play he had more BARS than DNA in this one i think, seems like all these rappers using props to get a edge both were creative but did it really make a difference? Arsenal vs DNA: 3-0

  • ChiseEagle

    DNA won thids battle because all of Arsonal’s bars were spelling DNA’s rel name, talking about his dead father and the rest was filler. DNA’s rounds were more personal and crafted better. The dread wig was crazy as well as him spittung like ARS. So now he lost to Clips and DNA, bad look

  • Mike

    This is the type of energetic crowd I wish the URL could be more like…

    • DBlock

      I actually wish the URL crowd was let energetic. They always cut the rappers off mid scheme and it makes it hard to listen to.

  • kastromumia

    i like dna but im from jersey .’.Ms13′.’

  • youngdriz85

    DNA got this 3-0

  • Mr. Rua

    Ars real talk, there is a difference from being “disrespectful” and crossing the line. Nobody should be talking about someone’s relative who has died for all 3rounds. It shows your lack of creativity. Keep doing that bro and I promise your ass goin get popped…u need to know your lane homie. Be respectful to your competitor. You going too cross that line with the wrong person and it’s going to take a whole different direction. You a cool battle rapper but up your game up lyrically. What u did during this battle was a bad look for you….u look corny ass shit son! u better than that.

    • merkur

      s’what i’m saying exactly. come up with better schemes. be smarter. ‘wiser’, u can win with respect, like LUX did CALICOE. it’s okay to be the industry ‘bad boy’ up to a point, but if EVERYONE hates u, one day, u gon’ take a bullet. jus sayin’.

  • tru!!!

    on the real ars went in …honestly…..dna not ass nice as he was back then….ars wordplay is bonkers …his energy …his jokes & he has bars …i know he dissed smack but ….stop hating on him yo he been getting busy on catz for yearz now

  • northmade001

    DNA trash he always get boring

  • northmade001

    Ars 3-0 him

  • Dna got Murked

    all ya niiggas mad arsonal murked this nigga jeresy stand up and predictable fuck you mean why change your gameplan if it works all the time and battle rap is real nigga shit ars was it that nigga face way to serious if i was dna i would told that nigga to back the fuck up dna trash

  • Bentheredunthat

    “My shit is real, my shit is raw, my shit is authentic…you can’t bite a apple, without your tooth, getting lost in it”. I thought them tooth lines were played out, but that was funny as shit. You could see Con in the background smilin on that one

  • stackbe

    clips wrote all his verses….dna should of slowed down at times,but ars was way better anyway 3-0 ars all day.

  • merkur1

    listen. ars has nothing more to prove. he’s a legend in this thing. one of the best to do it. now, that said, that whole ‘disrespectful’ shit gets old, ugly, and unnecessary, it’s easy to write rhymes about someone’s dead dad, crippled mom, but what is he saying about DNA though? ars had madd rhymes, went longer than DNA, and had the better stage presence, but i have to think overall, DNA was smarter and more precise with his. I’m giving all three to DNA. but ars was not ass, just, off target.

  • TRU

    ARS 3 – 0 dna

  • mdn41578

    I’ve never been a DNA fan but he got this one. This was the best I’ve seen him attack a nigga….no filler, just real bars.

  • Line4Line_Real_nigga_time

    It’s Battle rap for a reason I give it to ars but DNA had dope rhymes but ars had more disrespectful ones that hit like haymakers and had crowd reaction

  • Gee

    DNA got the second .. He got slaughtered 1st and 3rd ..If DNA rhymes go over ya head u gotta be 16 and younger

  • Javier Peguero

    DNA 2-1

  •!/RealNiggaBible (Q.B.) Mr Real Nigga

    Dna remind me ov ah nigga dat get bullied in school den get mad swell up & cry Ars 3-0 Dawg


    i bust through the door and yell hoooooo .with long wood with nothing but boots and and draws on and give her long wood

    i hacksaw jim duggan- her
    the results of this battle is a…

    but its very close

    dna was original even though style isn’t .

    dna had focused rounds was very complete.I think he needs more metaphors instead of rhymes schemes because he becomes predictable .

    arsonal was same old arsenal which was very dangerous even though he damn near got K.O. in the third .

    DNA third round so was crazy arsonal had to check his phone and many instances in the third he started losing steam and was about to choke. but he bounced back and kept fighting.

    I think if DNA WENT LAST HE WOULD HAVE KILLED HIM but his focus was on making him sound predictable and fraudulent .it depends on what you like real shit or entertainment.

  • Eric Johnson

    DNA 2-1 ars got annoying in the last round

  • ♤I’m A Heavy In My City♤

    DNA All Day

  • SetSantana

    Battle rappers taking multiple battles a month to give weak performances in most , if you can’t give your top performance in every battle don’t accept every challenge

  • kingfree74

    ars lost round one for mentioning dna’s mother and father, and clips anytime somebody mention those three people they automatically lose the round my opinion

  • kingfree74

    ars lost round 2 because he tried to break down dna should have left it to k shine and he mentioned dna’s mother and father all these niggas is biting bars now days and dude keep saying clips wrote the battle the delivery is so different niggas just dont wanna give d his props



  • BxBully

    Ars is trash if u heard one of his battles u heard them all this nigga need some new shit
    DNA all day


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