Cortez Speaks On New PG Guys and More

addressed loads of battle related topics.  Cortez began by addressing his battle with Dizaster and how that served as a wake-up call for him to revamp his battle image and skills in 2013.  He went on to address his battle to Aye Verb and how he believes he lost due to his performance.

The Smack/URL Proving Grounds have been showcasing a variety of new rising talent, and Cortez addressed the new competition emerging from the newer faces of battle rap.

He concluded by addressing people’s authenticity within the battle culture, and how or when it is acceptable to check someone who is claiming to be something they’re not.


  • thrillz

    yeah cortez keep it up

  • mx

    yup, i agree with cor 100%.
    But its not just that the fans praise pg dudes 2 early, its also because most of the “toptier” mcs are fallin off. at least the pgs are hungry

  • Anonymous

    This is stupid. because 90% of these nggas don’t touch guns that they say they do. its entertainment. If you entertain the fans then you’re doing your job. im sure cortez doesn’t touch guns like that but yet he still speaks on it. because its entertainment. that’s what we wanna hear.

  • whoose

    listen to exerience… theres nothing wrong with that

  • Pg,,,,,,

    Prez mafia next up ……..

  • Hmz

    HA DOUBLE would fuck you upp C

  • Yoo

    I totally get what he’s saying about everyone being friendly on stage and how battle rap is not like the barbershop days and what not. We may not want to bring back those barber shop days considering the shit that may tragically happen, but we can make it feel and look that way. Me personally I think battle rap lacks in the visual aspect of things. Its all big lights and big stages and large crowds that can’t contain themselves in between battles etc. someone needs to visually take battle rap to an underground medieval environment like with torches lit for a shadowy ominous feel, have like the host sit on a throne and the judges for the battle are wearing executioner masks and holding battle axes and if you lose the battle you get crucified. Feel me ?

  • jawz



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