Cortez Vs K-Kendle [iBattle Worldwide]



  • barondebxl

    Cor went in.

  • WTF!

    Coretez aint have to kill him that bad. god damn…..

    • H’D

      2-1 easy

      • rexchap

        Cortez got BY, he didn’t kill SHIT….He spit ALOT of filler and that boy went the fuck IN on the 3rd round!

  • Streets Buchanon

    Cortez first round – ” If yall dont get it yall dont get it lyrically thats the good part I candy (can these) wrappers (rappers) even when they miss a Goodbar ( Good bar )
    Cortez second round -that bedroom scheme was dope
    Cortez third round – ” ill make his man retire than book on screen for thinking Kendle fire” …. yikes 3-0 BODYBAG !!!!! AND I NEVER LIKED CORTEZ honestly

  • Star anderson

    ohhh my cortez seriously if he keep this up nobody would beat him !!! yoo cortez u are a serious problem… dude got norman bates in the shower murdered

  • pimpin slimm

    Was neva a cortez fan but he literally buried dude….easy!!!!!

  • Jon bLaze

    wher tez get that shirt anybody know???

    • train

      ya momma closet

  • K2gees

    Cortez 3-0….the other dudes was too scripted! He was ok but the cadence ruined it.

  • DragonTale

    Cortez, Big T and John John is the most consistent battle rappers out right now. New Top tier: Hollow, Lux, Tsu, Big T, John John. If you not top five you are not top tier.

    • Ored

      lol excuse me , how u diss o-red and b-magic? Also you put consistent and Lux in the same sentence?………………..NIGGA HASANT BATTLED IN OVER A YEAR!!. o-red killed Xfactor, Trex,Yung Il, Calicoe, debatable with JC, and from what is being said BIG T IIN A YEAR!!! GTFOH!!!

    • buckshit

      john john? lol he got killed by math and k shine so…

  • rexchap

    TFOH…Cortez got BY in this battle…i dunno wtf yall was hearing or NOT hearing! That K dude went IN on the 3rd rd and told Cortez some shit you KNOW is true! TFOH with that 3-0 bullshit!

  • faisal26

    recycled bars from kotd in his battle with tax

    • buckshit

      sounds like a hater and a KOTD dick rider

  • Cozzo36

    Cortez just went up a notch on the league. And if u dont know about the official battlerap league then u late dummiiiieeesss

  • Steeve Francois

    good from both dudes but Cor got it

  • Cort put that boy in a box!!! 3-0… Bodybag… 08 Cortez

  • pause

    ok listen up straight dudes and gays and ladies, why the hell does every rap battle consist of a dude talking about how good he thinks his dick is or how bad his opponents is. i mean come on really. first off, the rappers repeat it battle after battle so that is for sure suspect.(itd be one thing if this was occasional or a one time bar for someone but the same rappers say it over and over) pause
    Secondly thats insecure. real niggas walk the walk not talk and this should be the same. stupid as it sounds to say in this situation its true…pause… if u wanna tell a girl go ahead i understand that. but instead your getting in another mans face and screaming it at him and make dick metaphors all day while imagining how small his dick is and reassuring it in your mind. are u kidding me? PAUSE!
    thirdly, these mother fuckers always say PAUSE when something not even suspect is said, that proves most of them are homophobes. so the ultimate homophobes who rip on gays all day and night go around screaming this dick that dick or “ya broad say u cant fit it like me” or some line like that. u literally thought about a dick for atleast 5 minutes coming up with lines like that and then u recite it for the world to watch over and over again and think about dicks each time all the while saying pause and trying to prove how strait u are. lmao that is weak as fuck! hahahah that sucks and its fucking shit up. all i can say is PAUSE!

    btw cortez 3-0

  • Ricky


  • Brock

    Not a Cortez fan but SALUTE, BARZ on Deck!! Nigga went Alien!!


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