Danny Myers speaks on his battle with KG The Poet

King Of The Dot West Coast Presents – Vendetta 2: Redemption
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Saturday, April 19 at Los Globos
3040 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90026

Aye Verb vs Caustic
Big T vs Bender
Chilla Jones vs Daylyt
B Magic vs Rum Nitty
Ill Will vs Real Deal
Bigg K vs The Saurus
Danny Myers vs KG The Poet
Shotgun Suge vs Tycoon Tax

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    I see y'all on Rex head cause he eating pussy on the internet lol well if my shit leak wit Cinnamon I hope y'all let me live 😂
  • John John Da Don
    I know SOMEBODY feel me
  • John John Da Don
    Now you just gotta depend on yourself like everybody else depend on you it's crazy
  • John John Da Don
    Now you in the hole for tryna help others but whose there to help you out the hole? YOU that's who
  • John John Da Don
    Imagine taking on the stresses of everybody around you while tryna manage your own... you put yourself last then you end up in a hole
  • John John Da Don
    It's like not having a dad growling up so you gonna make sure your son doesn't go thru what you went thru
  • John John Da Don
    I'm always willing to help cuz I know what it feels like to not have anyone to push ME
  • John John Da Don
    But knowing so much depends on you should be enough to keep going if you care