Danny Myers vs Born Judged by Tay Roc

Danny myers vs Born judged by Tay Roc   YouTube

Danny myers vs Born judged by Tay Roc

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  • Rexchap

    Gap don’t mean a THING when you have UNMATCHED WORD PLAY !!!   Like i said before the mind doesn’t work quick enough to rebuttal for any length of time EFFECTIVELY, especially against a cat like LUX!   And when you don’t even CATCH all that LUX says, HOLLOW can’t rebuttal ENOUGH!!!   Norbes…TFOH!!!!!!

    The difference between the two is HOLLOW will WRITE bars and LUX will DESIGN bars for a specific opponent!!!!

    Won’t even be close!!!!!!  Lux will eat that nigga for breakfast , lunch and dinner!!!!!

    • Manjc23

       your crazy Hollow is going expose lux

      • Florida Boy

         Expose him as what? Somebody with no flow, bars, no punchlines, no creativity, no metaphors, no schemes, or no stage presence?

        Personally i think Lux got all that but i would say Hollow has a small chance to beat him cause anything could happen but what could he expose him at tho?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NGYW3IQFB6JFNFDXKEK4VZYYHA DC

    Hollow cant beat Lux.. i like Hollow but I think hes a bit overrated. I rather see Lux take on another past great like Jae Millz or something

  • daG

    verb funny as hell

  • REED

    Verb still trying to say “New York” is the reason he loses battles and been sounding weak. Nigga acting like the crowd is responsible for the wack bars he writes. Verb tries so hard to sound intellectual and explain his points, but he ends up double talking, and contradicting himself.

  • @IHateRex

    this nigga verb mad sexy, I’m tryna get him in Dot Mobb!! my manz wanna palm that booty #bootypalmboyz

  • flipper773

    verb took that rex battle. honestly felt that nigga 3-0ed rex.

  • whatwhaa

    Maaaan!!!!! Is im da only 1 pissd dat dem niggaz spent all dat dam time on dem “2” fucn callers win  da show waz goin so dam well ? SMDH yo i waz n fucn tears(LMAO) b4 dem assholes dcided 2 spend all dat got-dam time wit dat caller!!!! yo 2 Norb, Jessie & Psycho DONT LET DAT SHIT HAPPN AGAIN!!!!! yall mothafucas supose 2 no win yall got a good show goin on!!!!! Verb is a funny azz bul win it comes 2 dis arena shit!!!!!

  • whatwhaa

    oh n 2 all da niggaz calln up tlkn bout him battlen Swave…did yall not hear da nigga Verb say dat he “would” battle him???? he said all somebody gota do is “JUS PAY HIM” n its on!!!!  so cut-it-da-fuc-out wit all da other bullshit!!!  oh n by da way im so not a Verb fan, i jus think da nigga do b telln da truth about lota shit dat goes on n da URL!!!!!

  • flipper773

    diz slaughtered swave hell this nigga talkin about

  • whatwhaa

    SMH!!!! I dont no WHY-DA-FUC he’s battlen Cortex SMDH!!!!!

  • Battleanybody

    Verb is a dope comedian lol


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