• Vance Souf

    Idk what this is but Daylyt is spitting

  • bl8nly

    The nigga daylyt just gave visuals for all you dumb fucks that don’t know what he spitting when he be on stage and niggas try to clown him … Now y’all niggas might get it !!!! Closed minded people

  • bl8nly

    I really want to see lux vs day !!! That’s only lux competition … You can’t tell me that wouldn’t be classic because both of them niggas will be more than well prepared … oh ya check out my new ep on datpiffdotcom/BL8NLY-So-Close-To-An-Lp-mixtape.517011.html

  • kenji

    Damn that was hard!
    I think he gonna surprise a lot of people @sm3

    • God Aweful

      A lot of niggas feelings are going to be hurt if Daylyt styles on Swave which is very possible.

  • God Aweful

    Yeah, a lot of people are lost with complex lyrics. I blames a decade of sack rappers on the radio. Daylyt has always been spitting crazy bars. With that said… This is still a silly nigga.

  • mahdi777

    funny dude, very creative video and rhymes. he throws people off from time to time, undoubtedly, but can’t deny the man is talented

  • ms marjane

    i can’t believe y’all actually believe daylyt is *SO* fuckin complex. please.

    • God Aweful

      In comparison to a lot of battlers and even more rappers he is very complex. There are niggas that literally don’t know what he is saying at all and instead of looking dumb and/or admitting they don’t understand, they just say Daylyt is wack. On the other hand, rappers that spit clever shit and fans of clever shit seem to be able to hear what a lot of people are missing.

      • ms marjane

        he *is* clever, i’ll give you that.. but he’s not complex. weak free associations and shit. i just don’t feel him.

        • God Aweful

          The wordplay is very dense at times which is why I said complex. As far as the overall structure of his rounds some times he is all over the place while other times it is cleverly woven together. I think someone not really interested in what he is saying will feel you though.

        • ms marjane

          I would just like to see him stay on point for an *entire* battle. That would be enough to keep my interest. Otherwise, I think he’s just stringing themes together that make some people geek out, to me he’d be a lot iller if he’d quit fuckin around and actually say something with content. he’s just a clown right now.

        • God Aweful

          You must haven’t seen much of his battles if you think he hasn’t been on point for a whole battle. We might be talking about totally different things though. Punchers aren’t going to have linear battles. Story tellers and niggas that uses angles are more then likely to “stay on point”. What I meant by all over the place is that he will throw random bars with little or no transitions but to me it isn’t any different from someone finishing a punch about killing you and then jump right into another punch killing you a different way. If you have a problem with shit like that then you must hate 75% of battlers. I think Daylyt definitely a clown though, but that has nothing to his rapping.

        • ms marjane

          please. big juss == complex. qwel == complex. mastah ace == complex. or whatever random shit from project blowed’s back catalog. or recent shit you’ve never hear do of, i don’t care. i’m more into complex flows than linear flows. i’ve seen all of his battles. specific to his style, ‘on point’ would mean being not only *dense* but also topical in the sense that the punches land, clearly, the metaphors don’t have stretch marks, the transitions are razor sharp. everytime you try to break down somebody’s style and why *I* don’t like it, you sound like a mark nigga.

        • God Aweful

          Punches landing clearly is up to interpretation.

          Metaphors not having stretch marks is going to happen to every creative writer because it kind of the point of a metaphor… you take unrelated things and compare them. It falls apart when it doesn’t make any sense but stretching how far you can go and still make sense is the skill.

          Transitions being razor sharp isn’t something many battlers do bar for bar, round for round and battle for battle. I think Chilla might be the best active battler in that area and then Danja but I don’t even know who to name after that.

          Mark nigga… if that works for you.

          I don’t know how you define raw shit or what you consider hit or miss but I think I’ve had the same complaints about most rappers that battle in general. As much as Daylyt has battled this year… I think it is expected. The dumb shit outside of his raps draw people to hear his raps. I don’t fuck with it but I understand why he does it and it has worked to him.

        • ms marjane

          “.. is up to inerpretation.” you can pretty much stop right there.

          he was better in his first set of battles a couple years back. chilla and danj are both examples of how a raw mc can really tighten their style – individually unique, effective, lethal – but it’s not like they don’t have flaws. daylyt has his flaws too – not the obvious ‘oh nooo, mr hanky references are ovver my head brooh. i can’t handle the fact that he’s using the word dubbble in all his couplets mah’niggh. plus it’s like he’s doubbble dissin swaave cuz he’s making fun of his bifocals *and* his weight siiiiiizierareahagg’. sometimes how niggas hype shit on this site is so wack. density != complexity.

          you sound educated. have you given this like a 10th or 12th replay? what do you hear differently by play #12? If he battles like this, I’m only watching the full battle twice, and I’m skipping all of his parts on successive replays. i say that because i’ve had to skip daylyts rounds in other battles.. he doesn’t have much replay value and whatever quotables i walk away with sound crazy retarded later (not in a good way). This is the kinda shit that makes battles (and leagues) really wack later. fad styles and fad rappers. “slow it dowwwwwwwn.”

        • ms marjane

          the funniest part is that some peope NEEDED THE VIDEO TO UNDERSTAND WHAT THE FUCK THIS NIGGA WAS TALKING ABOUT. He’s not that mind blowing!

        • GOD

          Who do you think has complex bars besides Lux??

        • GOD

          If you think he aint complexed. watch daylyt vs shotty horror.

        • God Aweful

          He doesn’t even battle like this video though. I haven’t even watch this more than once. Most of it is dope and part of it is him fucking around. I have watched his actual battles (the serious ones) a lot not to catch shit per se but to watch how he puts it together. As far as the rest of what you typed… I don’t know the point you were trying to make.

  • myian barnes

    Not a big Daylyt fan, but that shit was dope, kinda artsy…

  • RespectDaCulture

    I’ve tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, but what he spits is just comedy. You lame fux think Day’s tough…no, Day sucks horribly…just a fake Lux wannabe! Day, stop it, please…ur straight gimmicks and fake lyrics and sorry D, but u get no apology!

    • THE ONE

      yes!!!! BARS! LOL

  • Debo Marks

    Say what you want about this dude but at least he’s trying to build up interest for his battle. What are these other self proclaimed top tier battle rappers doing? Nothing.

    • Somthin’ Lite

      Very true. Daylyt understands marketing yourself even though this video appeals more towards grindtime/kotd fans.

  • Edwin Stagg


  • Ralph Lauren

    Day Lost This Battle Though

  • Art

    Talent, daylyt bars is over the head

  • Somthin’ Lite

    Sorry to say, I don’t really care for Swave Sevah’s battles, especially after Dizaster killed him already. For one he has a weird voice, like he has phlegm stuck in his sinuses or something. He raps slllllooowww, pauses….a…..lot, is economical with his words, likes to add emphasis to the word he is trying to spit by pumping his open palm up in the air, angles not very creative, and quite frankly seems a bit too old and tired. And I already know what angles he’s gonna take with Day….you’re a weird nigga, they do that in Cali nigga??, getting naked, etc, etc.
    And speaking of Daylyt, he always seems to have the same monontonous tone to his voice which makes him kind of dull to me. His flow is kind of slow also, although much better thans Swaves. Day can be a performer when he wants to be and that’s not including all the antics. We all know he can get very aggressive and I look forward to seeing him get all up in Swaves face and really “marking” him out. In fact, the only way this battle will have entertainment value is if both come really aggrresive. As a matter of fact, i’d rather see T-Money Bagz go against Day if their gonna get a Team Homi member cuz Swave ain’t gonna body nobody that’s for sure.

  • killajing

    daylit gonna put on for summer madness

  • Ray B

    This nigga go be one of the greats

  • Joel Ferguson

    Daylyt is a genius. Period


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