Day takes full control jabbing at Surf on No-I.d’s instrumental.


  • Pappy Mason


  • Grace

    Iight I see u

  • ThoughtZ

    Marker than a sharpie? Lmfaooooo. GTFOH! His 2-4 hot bars after 20 damn near retarded isn’t enough for me. Smack idc if you resurrect Tall T (R.I.P.) to battle Daylyt. Please take this man off the SM3 card!

  • DRE

    LMFAO!! How can this fag defend anybody!!

  • Pulaski Jigga

    This nigga making me have 2nd thoughts about flying all da way to NY 4 SM3 Gaylyt trash

  • ms marjane

    i hear he’s actually trying to flow.. and it’s obvious that he cant. he gotta punch-in 8 times, and he can’t connect. he got that old-school, sorta-not-really lyrical-miracle style. i wish this cat would rethink his career.. before the tattoo he showed a lot of potential.. even just a few years ago. i hate the fact that niggas with skills are out there hungry, and this fool is on one of the premier battle rap sites in the world.. and he droppin xxxtra hot garbage on the regular. battles, tracks. smack why even bother with a mc of such cartoonishly low-quality? out of all the dope spitters out on the west coast?

    • MacSung Galaxy i 4s

      Finally someone that knows what they’re talking about. Smacks instinct is getting clouded by the money. Putting Daylyt on the card just deaded his whole Bars over Names theme. I don’t see any other reason to put him on the card except his Name which he trolled every battle league to get over the past year.

  • Ray B

    Day can spit for real

  • barondebxl



    This shit sucks can’t even ride the beat
    tsu shit was horrible too nigga sounded like he recorded his verse with headphones

  • Walker

    lol Daylyt gon die in the hand of a 60 . How this fake ass bitchass banger tryna beef with a real crip


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