Daylyt: “Math Didn’t Prepare for the Battle” – Daylyt spoke exclusively to VladTV about some of his wild antics that he has performed in the battle ring. He began by chopping it up about his battle with Interstate Fatz and how he came to the decision to wear a KKK outfit throughout the battle. Daylyt then addressed his battle with Math Hoffa and explained that he was disappointed with the final visual product, for he claims the battle was heavily edited in Math’s favor.


  • barondebxl

    Daylyt is my nigga. Been a fan since the Locksmith battle. ” you aint gotta be a superhero, but you can get Capped in America…..”

    • Organizeddysfunction3377

      That shit is light! Whack af

  • TheMOBB

    Daylyt vs. Bill Collector Summer Madness 3

    • Organizeddysfunction3377

      Bill got BARZ he will body this clown.

  • Jamal

    this nigga is trash..fuck all you niggas that keep saying he nice..the way he raps is trash and those antics are just corny..Im not gonna say he shouldnt be on URL cause if his fans wanna see it then so be it..but lets stop acting like this nigga is nice..he def is not at all

    • Florida Boy

      Thank u i thought i was alone on this one. This dude just dont impress me at all in the ring …..but he seems to be that new “underrated” nigga everybody riding with right now for whatever reason….idk why i havent seen a battle from him yet that held my interest

  • ms marjane

    “the talent you lack..”

  • Organizeddysfunction3377

    This nigga is battle raps side show. This was Maths worse battle this year and he still bodied this fuckin cornball 2-0. Daylyte full of shit, he tight bcuz niggaz see through his gimmicks and his antics the name of the game is BARZ take that “To the bat mobile and quill” shit to grind time or kotd. Queens!


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