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  • url judge

    Daylyt is trash and he is letting you know that hes gonna be trash lol. I would have rather seen a big kannon on the card, honestly I would rather see mook, I would rather see the whit boy sno from the proving grounds before I see daylyt.

    • ms marjane

      i would have much rather seen BK up there. But somebody else said it already – the nigga daylyt better rhyme his ass off when he get on that stage now that we dealt with all the antics. I hope swave come with it too, he can be boring as much as daylyt can be ridiculous.

    • Macmar415

      Nigga, daylyt is not trash first off. His bars go over simple minded peoples heads is all that is. It’s the extra “Troll” shit he does that makes him look WWE’ish

      • url judge

        Ok first of, we as battle rap fans need to stop this”his bars go over peoples heads” bullshit. Everytime someone says something bad about a rapper that someones else likes, that person ALWAYS replies with, “oh his bars are going over your head”, or “your just simple minded”

        this is battle rap, not rocket science. These guys bars are not going over the average battle rap fans head. And if your bars are going over everbodies head, that doesn’t make them better at all.

        • Florida Boy

          man exactly…We get the bars they just not good

        • ms marjane

          EXACTLY! That’s why that nigga just lost 2-1, straight up.

    • Javel J-vels Hutson-Ghost

      ur and Idiot…if u think daylyt is trash…lolol

      • url judge

        Awww, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings there lil guy

    • ShawnFoxx5

      LOttaZay needs to be on that fukn card, and Young Kannon those two niggas been workn smh

      • url judge


  • Chris Scott

    Well that let’s you know what day gone do damn

  • Guapo_ACE

    smack for real u fucked up bruh ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, this might end u url for real

  • famp

    Please don’t fuck it up FAM.. I fucks wit SWAVE he don’t deserve that.. I’d rather you just tell SMACK you ain’t dong it.. YK or BK can easily replace u..

  • Jmarshall510

    you niggaz hate’n he’s the 1st battle rapper ever that 1st battle on sm3 card who else has done that ill wait???????????????????????????

    • jwash

      It doesn’t seem to be much of an accomplishment anymore considering how SM3 is going.

  • Dark knight

    He stupid lol This is exactly what we expected from him anyway lmaooo…..so who you think you foolin…this is why we aint want you on da card in da first place smh….This is why you still under TAYTAY lol

  • ????

    This Summer Madness is a joke! Daylyt is a joke! Smack how could you drop the ball so badly? You niggas need to go take a business class or something cause this is just sad. Considering you using a 2 year old battle to get people to come smh..

  • KingBKings

    Lmao this nigga gonna come there with a dead animal or some shit.

  • God Aweful

    Watch this shit be the battle of the night. Niggas are going to hate….lol.

  • myian barnes

    100. He is absolutely right.The approach Url took to market this event is kinda fucked up, it takes alot away from the battlers……but i see the grand scheme at the same time. When it’s all said and done, this will be the best SM yet, production, quality and bar wise. With this fool, on the card, controversial as well…

  • http://www.artistpr.com/reeno REENO

    Daylyt is trash y’all need to stop him ant hollow da don from battling

  • Spike

    Who cares what happened at SM3. I’ve lost interest and won’t be waiting to see any of it. Daylyt do know he’s 3000 miles away from that smoke alarm detector that is still needing a battery.

  • Zeek

    You know Day, niggas say you are fuckin crazy, but at the same time, a mastermind in this shit. I actually believed u had a grand scheme in all the shit you did. Look at you nigga. You went from nothin to Summer Madness and none if it had to do with skill. You just made people pay attention to you. That being said, now that you finally made it on the biggest stage, if you pull something crazy on at Summer Madness, itll be the dumbest thing you ever did. Now it just seems like you’re trying to find reasons to do crazy shit. Because they didnt put up a flyer? My nigga, your battle was the only one that got its own trailer. Im tellin you dude. That crazy shit gets cheers and laughs in other leagues, but in the URL, i promise you will be run outta the bitch. They aint havin that

    • North

      Is that you Day?

  • killajing

    this is just promotion trust me bc them niggas wouldnt of post it if it wasnt a move

  • halftime

    URL is the Walmart of the battle world! They treat their employees like shit while they benefit off their blood, sweat, and tears. Smack talking about people not chocking and not preparing for 3rd rounds, when this MF’er don’t have the sense to promote the events he’s trying to profit off. I’m sure he makes sure the celebrates are comfortable, so why not take care of the people who are responsible for bringing them out. The URL staff seems to be the real divas.
    Smack get your shit together, and stop being the URL mascot… Starting
    to remind me of the dancing frog on WB with that Smmmmaaaaaccccckkkkkk shit.

  • clash

    Daylyt is a star.Master troll promoter.

  • I hope you stay home

    Funny things is no one cares lol.. You act like niggas sitting around saying I can’t wait to see daylight battle. Get your shit vaulted, let swave issue you a quick Kung fu style fade, and get that dumb ass tattoo laser removed. I can’t believe people actually like this dude

  • Palmo

    i knew math was a bitch when he battle daylyt..didnt do shit now he want to sucker punch a nicca not looking….lmao bum ass nicca u aint from brooklyn..herb ass nicca

  • palmo

    math got soft hands lmao..didnt even graze the skin niccca lmao..big for nothing ass nicca


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