Daylyt Talks Potential Boxing Match vs Math Hoffa

Daylyt spoke to VladTV about a potential boxing match that may occur between him and Math Hoffa. Daylyt claims to have an extensive family history involved in boxing, and that he used to box when he was younger.


  • ms marjane

    yo what the fuck is up with y’all non-posting ass nigass??!? you got the wrong video up here fam – for like the 8th motherfucking day in a row. check yo fuckin urls in shit, call tech support or some shit, get a fucking geek squad membership nigga.. come the fuck on.

    • sampirlo

      U Know Y Bro kuz these battle dont got Views

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  • HDTheProducer

    Im from LA.. and nobody claims this nigga, jus to let yall eastcoast niggas know lol

    • RUOfficialDOTcom


    • YeahiiFuckdYobITch

      onn h60d i just found out about this clown 2day tryna figure out where tf he came from

  • RealSpit

    Daylyt is not thinking logical cause Math would literally kill this nut head.

  • Cooly Bop

    This fool think hes a real boxer …lol we can have a real boxing match …lol

  • tech

    Nigga! Wtf did u wipe ur ballsweat on the whiteboy for? Is that how u do urs or it was beef? We need answers u cali buster

  • KingBKings

    This guy really is a comedian.


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