Daylyt vs M-Ciddy – who really woN (Unbias Review)

This was a highly anticipated matchup of two dudes that have great bars. Who really won.


  • ms marjane

    The antics are his way of lashing out?!? GTFOH and FUCK THIs BITCH NIGGA. This aint not no fuckin therapy for daylyt. Stop giving wack niggas a platform. Leave him alone. He’s not nice. He don’t kick real bars. What’s worse, is he gives the west coast a black eye every time he get up on stage. There are SO many nice MCs out here. Cats should just stop taking battles with him. It’s already happening.

    • TFOH

      Daylyt IS nice, he just has to care more! Daylyt kicks some NASTY bars. It sounds more to me like you dont get em! That says more about YOU than him!

      • jamalwilliams

        TaLK TO DAT NIGGA!

      • ms marjane

        His bars are not hard to get. I’m sorry that’s the only argument you have for this cat showing up to the battle with barely 1.5 rounds prepared. He’s no rocket scientist bruh. Of course he has ‘some’ nasty bars, otherwise he wouldn’t be there at all. But round to round, this fool could be replaced with pretty much anyone. He’s a fad rapper. Sorry to break it to you.

        • Manuel

          Day still has the highest entertainment value by far. Not even Hitman (fan favourite) comes close to this. For that reason he still going to get major battles. The Matrix shit elevates him even more. Plus he got mad bars. Everyone who objectively watches him knows this. Its that “he is not fulfilling his potential” factor that keeps his fans around.

  • FuckNorbeS

    This nigga looks like a gay ass goodz

  • Bringin Home The Bacon

    Heres a combo punch line for you rich dollaz ass nigga u look like rich dollaz from love an hip hop an u have rocked the same beanie in a few videos…that nigga work in his beanie blog in his beanie sleep with his beanie…u think that given that beanie so much top niggas wouldnt cum to notice it…pause nigga gotta sweat ring the size of lebron headband in dat beanie…I fucks with u doe kkep doin ya thang


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