Death Of URL???

DEATH OF URL?? From MTV RAFIX show, to Loaded Lux Vs Hollow Da Don, to KOTD, People are really posing this question. CjCiTy weighs in on his thoughts



  • TheeGuest!

    but what that have to do with anything, these “url” rappers are chasing the green, aint no loyalty in Battle rap, and smack dont have to funds to keep up,

    • Barz

      Url aint dead niggaz be tweakin they still the best battle rap league out no debating. Niggaz act like since certain rappers come from url they gotta only battle there thats some lame shit. If yall aint noticed smack be getting over on his battle rappers if you do your research you a see allot of url niggaz talkin bout him doin them bogus he got to much bread to be cheap smh he on that industry shit playin niggaz. I like url but smack I know what he be on behind the scenes so I dont like that nigga as a person but I respect what that he got the best battle league out.

  • muta

    real shiiiiiit!!!! smack is the godfather, fuck what u think,

    • grindmode

      half of their followers dont even know what lions den is….im exaggerting, but what im tryna say is, that a lot of these battle rappers careers really started with the url platform….SMACK already had mad followers and supporters. there are a few exception:arsonal..etc.. the streets wasnt rocking with gt like that. but everybody has to start from anywhere. the thing is, url made em even bigger….so yes…they are url rappers. cortez was big in gt but when he entered url…he had underdog status. the stl raster was on worldwar, but wasnt popular like that…..url/SMACK was and is the next level, the nba….. they was battling on local platforms (High school basketball) or tournaments like fight club.. FACTZ

  • DJDLO83


  • battlerapisurl

    all these other leagues ain’t as consistent as url. let them have all these big events like once every 2 years then all the url battlers come back to url stage where they belong. talking bout url dont have the funds to keep them? They should have the funds cos they been doin what these leagues are starting to do for years so how can they not have funds? niggas just love to talk about smack/url for some reason. guess thats when you know your the best. kinda like when lebron moved to miami and didn’t win for a look every body and they brother on his dick.

  • Tyrone

    Better audio,better visuals and better battles. i dont even see these other leagues as competition to the url/smack brand. yall gotta do more promotion and also get better venues. i watch all leagues but if url died the culture dies…

  • Gunz

    uw is the only league that has a chance to compete with url and there is no such thing as a url battle rapper there is no contract or no team they are battle rappers that have battled on smack due to the lack of publicity of the other leagues until now…smack shouldnt be worried just yet but definitely shouldnt feel 100% comfortable

  • Yooooo

    No just thing as a url rapper..battle rappers will chase that green if the opportunity arises… Url shouldn’t get to comfortable they have to push the envelope. No business is safe..

  • Itsmeyoubitch

    Death of URL? I think its way too early to say that. Its true most of the most popular battle rappers shined on the URL stage, that s a fact. But URL does not owned them that sthe point you’re missing. URL cannot stop those guys from going somewhere else and battle. URL is great at finding talent and developing it but they have zero control over these rappers, that s a fact.

  • Be-Steady

    url rappers?? didn’t all these cats come from the lions den?? of course with the exception of the new pg dudes.

  • nome event dream card

    head ice vs loaded lux
    mook vs verb
    conceited vs big t
    Tsu surf vs goodz
    hitman vs calicoe
    jjdd vs hollow da don
    clips vs trex

    if you put this card together you got a diamond card make it happen.

    • url stan

      card would cost smack over a mil just for battlers

  • gordonscott

    day vs hitman holla

  • Anonymous

    What the fuck good is it being the godfather if all your soldiers jumping ship? the godfather better start setting up matches the fans want to see or he’s gonna have to lay it down. straight up.


    no. stupid niggas. it’s not about the death of url. it’s about the url not having the bread to pay for these matchups. they couldn’t afford lux and hollow and they sure as hell can’t afford mook v lux. lmao

  • url stan

    battle rappers say fans dont support(aye verb) but the rappers have no loyalty i dont give a fuck smack put these unloyal artist in position to score……imagine in the streets nigga put you on your feet then you bring his custy to the next man you gotta die or strap!…..alot of league bandwagoning going battlers gotta take blame for ship jumpin….ima hollow fan but he should not have jumped leagues Lom right??

    • Anonymous

      hollow spoke about the loyalty to smack on the 15 minutes of fame interview…check that out

      and i think you should tell that lux, he had the battle in his hands , hollow was just following

  • url stan


  • Anonymous

    this nigga cj is a lame ass ur vlog always sucks & u think u can rap smfh cuz ur raps sucks just as much as ur vlogs foh wit this nigga url stop putting this lame nigga vlog up

  • Url

    Url is the NBA of battle rap f.O.H wit that smack miss 1shot nu thinks over get real url 4life rep Birmingham,al

  • guest

    In order for call them url battle rappers they have to be hired by url. They are just battlerappers that when url pays they perform there when uw pays they go there. My point for calling them url battle rappers they have to have a job as a battle rapper at url. Ur diiiiiickriding url cj for real.

  • pete

    Url is not nba of anything jus most popular league thats all. Be a battlerap fan not a fuckin dickridin league fan or a battlerapper fan.

  • Anonymous

    URL only had a few battlers starting off that’s like saying all they using is grind time and lions den rappers .. And look what happened to both .. Smh

  • Anonymous

    Didnt url lose ciroc as a sponsor? man

  • jjustice

    URL was at their pinnacle in 2012. with the cancellation of armageddon the url def started to come down from its prech. 2013 was not the url’s best year. url does not have the funds to keep up with a shady run league. however today’s hottest battle rappers are def from the url. if they can run another big event url is still in the game

  • Edwin Stagg



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