Debo (QOTR CEO) Says Battle Rappers Be Letting Youtube Views Go To Their Head


  • Spindizzy

    You tube views is similar to Facebook likes, companies pay you to like them, Facebook likes have become currency, just like You tube views. Just pay people what they are worth. Battling has never been better, its a blood sport like UFC. In my opinion its taking over HIPHOP, In some years commercial artist will be considered lower than battle rappers.

    • BamBam

      Battle rappers bigger then artists ? Yo i was with you till you said that shit !! you bugging niggaz

      • Spindizzy

        Battle rappers do what artist cant or what artist are scared to do. Artist cant do what battlers do! they always talking that I used to battle shit, but wont step in the ring.

  • Aubrey OVO

    Conceited been callin himself Mr. Views. Back when him and Arsonals battle was at 1 Million+. Now these other niggas wanna claim the same status.

  • Edwin Stagg

    man do the math go to the ticket website smack makes 15,570 dollars every 100 people if 500 people or more show up to see lux smack basically dont even have to come out the pocket he lux could make that 30,000 =200 tickets off his own ticket sales you telling me lux cant sell 200 tickets and they slide him his smack dont even have to give up his own cash him beasley out here trying to make a profit

    • Jamal

      you not making sense…you have about another 5-6 battles..of all top tier dudes that command their 5k-10k or whatever they get multiply that by 10..thats anywhere from the cost of the, hotels…then alot of this bread has to be paid up front as one is gonna pay 40k to one nigga from out their budget…that doesnt mean i dont think lux deserves 40k because i do…but it may be too soon for this battle. Unless they get some sponsors..

      • Edwin Stagg

        why you think ciroc stopedd fucking with smack if its lux vs hollow niggas will fly from los angeles like me but i wouldnt with this if you got them 2 on the card then you can charge an extra 40-50 dollas see

        • Edwin Stagg

          go to the ticket website do the math smack got y’all niggas sucking his dick so hard yall dont see what he doing he just making sure sm3 is a nice payday and do you even wanna know how much money they get from views all that goes to smack&beasley pockets

  • RocaG

    I hate the fact that these battle rap niggas think that getting views make them the best….cuz I’m tired of hearing Hitman talk about that shit and he corny to me…views don’t make u nice

    • Edwin Stagg

      the owner of those videos make a lot of money do your research

  • hitsent

    No body likes a bully why fight BANG BANG!!! Hatting ass old niggas lmaoooooo yall niggas looking thirsty trying get females to believe the bs yall putting out smh just another old nigga tryna bring a young nigga down only niggas do this type of crap never heard a white hispanic or asian tell their women not to give the box up wait three months haaaaa some next level hating shit damn shame


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