Dizaster: “Daylyt Doesn’t Care What Anybody Thinks”

http://www.vladtv.com/ – Dizaster addressed his past KOTD battle vs Arcane in which he exposed him for purchasing battle bars from fellow battler Caustic for $300, and yet he still lost the battle in the eyes of the judges. He felt as though he was set up to lose the battle before the match even began. He later addressed fellow West Coast battler rapper Daylyt’s wild and unpredictable antics in the ring, and explained that Daylyt simply doesn’t care what others think about him. Diz also explained why he and Math Hoffa haven’t battled yet and why he feels fighting has no place in Battle Rap.


  • myian barnes

    I’m not a huge fan of Diz but I respect his ability. That being said, he seems like a real dude in interviews.


    arcane still beat him, real talk!

    • fatguy

      yeah its sad but arcane won.

  • Kill Yaself

    yeah i used to think he was corny….but he grew on me…and he does slaughter battlers and he’s rather intelligent


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