Dizaster Disses Lupe Fiasco

Dizaster Responds to Lupe Fiasco Calling Him a “Angry Drake”


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  • Bilge

    that is a skirt though, hah

  • Truth

    Dizaster is a half-wit with a terrible flow (if you want to call it a flow to begin with) and the dumbest lyrics I have ever heard. Sounds like the white kid in grade 9 who would spit a ton of fantasy-random related garbage and rhyme at the very end of long ass phrases, that’s Dizaster. A kid with grade 9 lyrics who’s pen game never advanced.

    • TFOH

      EXACTLY!!!! He’s one of these guys who thinks he’s cooler than he is! Talking just like a typical, corny white dude…always cussing in the middle of a rant with “FUCKIN” and adding “LIKE” before everything!!!! FUCK DIZASTER!!!!! Nothing MORE immature than to talk about being followed or unfollowed ……How OLD are you people?? LUPE is ESTABLISHED and has MANY more fans than YOU!!!! Nobody i know takes Dizaster seriously!!! NEXT!!!!!!!!!

  • 5stardanstar

    Yo for more battle rap and everday in general hiphop in discussion form go to youtube in type in angryfan007

  • myian barnes

    Dizaster is absolutely right, whether you like him or not. Lupe is a pompous ass hypocrite and an attention whore with diva style tendencies. He straight disrespected Verb and Diz, if they are so subpar, show and prove what a real emcee is. I could see if he was coming from a fan’s perspective but he’s just trying to use the same strategy Meek did to garner attention from the battle rap culture fan base.

    • Jamal

      shut that dumb shit up..if im Lupe i dont even respond to this garbage, why would he need to go at diz for attention?..if you think diz is a real MC then go kill yourself nigga

    • Dom

      Lupe just likes messing with the battle rappers. He loves the sport. He wants to be able to fuck around with them and possibly, maybe, if ever, put them on a track of his. Nothing wrong with that.
      Diz took a joke too seriously and that’s what sparked this all. Diz was just a little too emotional. Smh

  • yungtakeover

    lupe would kill dizz

  • Dom

    I KNOW you all hate Dizaster, but cut that shit out man, please. When he’s on his A game, he’s top tier. Just cause his Rex showing was garbage and his Verb showing was too much frees, not enough writtens, doesn’t mean he’s garbage. You guys love to hate on a dude. He’s a shitty person, yes. He’s not a shitty rapper.


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