Dizaster: DNA Made Chilla Jones Look Like an Ant

http://www.vladtv.com/ – Dizaster opened up on his history with battling in this clip from his exclusive interview with VladTV. Diz explained that he began rapping around the age of 13, and due to his natural athletic competitive nature, he wanted to battle rap before he even knew how to lyrically demolish people.

He also spoke on his respect for freestyle rappers and how he believes DNA beat down Chilla Jones in their NOME 3 battle due to his many on-the-spot freestyles.


  • zeekyg

    Man dna kilt you too….lyrically chilla better than both of yall honestly bar for chilla kilt him if it wasnt for those to rebuttas chilla would have won no debating but chilla need to work on his presence it was a closer battle than you and dna diz nigga you ass rex just kilt you too stop dropping blogs cause you probably go lose to verb as well smack dont give this another battle if keep this wack ass freestyling

    • scrooge

      he does have lyrics but comes off on footage as a man that has alot of work to do .. dna beat him easy jc beat him even easier but while in a classic chillas best performance was vs jc and fans are holding on to chilla hoping he does well because we all see major upside but he will only be a small room cat if he keeps being so boring and take’n so long to get to the point and him and 100 bulletz have two of the weakest voices in battle rap and it at times offset the best schemes ever because thats ALL he ever does it never changes in my opinion the best cat doing the same thing over and over right now in the url is bmagic outta the new dudes chilla won’t go on a killing streak until something changes or his fans will be the only ones saying he is winning ANYTHING anytime soon

      • God Aweful

        DNA didn’t beat Chilla. JC didn’t beat Chilla either but at least I can see the argument with JC because I think they tied. Chilla is only boring to niggas that don’t understand what he is saying or aren’t into battle rap for raps. If you are waiting for him to get to the point it is because you are missing what he is saying and you confirm this by saying all he does is scheme.

    • scrooge

      chilla wouldn’t have beat dna he still would lose today he got blew out by jc in a classic battle he got 2-1 almost 3-0 he schemes too much and he is boring on camera he is not even on dizasters same planet or hitman holla chilla needs to win 5 in a row

      • God Aweful

        How does someone get blown out in a classic battle? Oh you a Holla fan… I get it now.

  • God Aweful

    What battle was he watching? Chilla’s bars made DNA’s bars insignificant. Diz is fucking with that freestyle shit heavy and I can respect that on some throw back shit but the footage tells the truth. Chilla is the truth while DNA was a lot of hype in that building.

    • knuckles

      its freestyles over writtens..fck outta here. And im not even DNA fan.

      • God Aweful

        Freestyles over writtens? In a written league?

        • PBM1986

          I dont see how this is a “written league”… There’s no rules against freestylin… Freestylers are real MCs…

        • God Aweful

          You know better than that. Freestyle leagues are way different than the URL. Free styling is the skill of a true MC but this is a different format. Free styling only works beyond a couple lines on URL if it sounds so clean and relevant that it sounds written.

        • PBM1986

          There aren’t any “freestyle leagues” that I know off… Fuck the format… I would put King Los freestylin against DNA written and Los would hold his own hands down…. So would Lupe and a few other cats….. And both their written skills top your top 5 battle rappers… And if this aint a format for “true MCs” then fuck yall niggas… Cuz that’s what i thought it was about… I guess now this shit like the industry??? Or you dont know what the hell you talkin bout.

        • God Aweful

          There used to be a bunch of freestyle leagues. There aren’t any freestyle leagues anymore because people prefer written battles over freestyles. King Los can hold his own against DNA? Can King Los even freestyle 9 minutes of bars just about DNA? No one wants to hear a nigga spend half his round rhyming about nothing to buy time so he can think of something hot to say about DNA. That is what used to happen in freestyle leagues and most freestyle leagues had very short rounds so people didn’t have to sit through that shit for long periods of time.

        • God Aweful

          Oh and even true MC should be able to freestyle but that doesn’t mean it’s better than writtens automatically because it is a freestyle. Everybody groans when a nigga starts stumbling in his writtens and says “this is freestyle” which is usually followed by “straight off the dome”… Why do we groan? Because we have seen it go bad way more then we’ve seen a nigga go off with a freestyle.

  • thrillzdadon

    talking bout 60 dollars from flipping a couple grams really thats some shit u keep to yaself he sound mad fraud

    • skulduggery

      i was thinking the same thing

  • jerZloc201

    Chilla definitely won this. Cocaine is a hell of a drug

  • flipper773

    Diz will body anybody. Watch his Battles. Been consistent for long time now. You put any of your best brahs and if they really get serious with it Diz will body any of’em!! Def top BRAH!

    • ANO1312

      Diz just lost to Rex shut up

  • Kiddddo

    Why Diz ALWAYS look tired as fuck. Dude’s only 29 but looks 39.

    • Kill Yourself !!!

      Really?? Cause you look like your about 47 in your pic, and you got the nerve to be naked. Get that cougar pussy off the internet or get a facelift.

      • Kiddddo

        Made all that effort to respond to a woman? You are more of a bitch than bitch.


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