Dizaster: Drake Got Bars, I Could See Him Battling

Dizaster chopped it up with VladTV out on the West Coast, and shared his opinions on mainstream rappers taking a serious interest in battle rap


  • roger

    im glad that you opened up & shared your personal feelings with vlad. we always knew you had a crush on drizzy drake, you mention him every time some one puts a camera to your face. at first I thought it was just name dropping, but now you seem kinda suspect.

    Dizaster Discusses “Ultra Close” Relationship With Drake, Talks About Arcane KOTD Battle

    Dizaster opens up about his relationship with Drake. He described Drake as a super close and supportive friend.

    Dizaster says that he went into the battle with confidence because his friend Drake was there to support him. They had actually ridden there together.

  • Rexchap

    Nobody cares! Fuck this wackass!!

  • myian barnes

    There isn’t one emo battle rapper so he’d have his own lane.

  • ANON13

    lmao its official Diz is retarded if he thinks drake could come in and fuck with any top dude.


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