Dizaster Punches FilmOn Employee’s Car Over Alleged Bad Business

http://www.vladtv.com – A few hours ago Dizaster was seen approaching a FilmOn employee about bad business stemming from their Virus Halloween event, as Diz said he wasn’t even sure why FilmOn was involved. The West Coast battle rapper told his Twitter followers, “Do not buy any false ppv filmon is doing I don’t associate with bad business u will be robbed if u buy anything cuz I have the footage,” which caught the attention of FilmOn CEO Alki David.

David responded directly to Dizaster, telling him, “@MRDIZASTER listen you were paid to perform. The video belongs to FilmIOn. We won’t air it. Not even for free. You are s*** again.”

When Dizaster’s followers started asking if he was just drumming up promotion for the event through his online beef, the battle rapper posted a video of him approaching a FilmOn employee. Diz punched the window of the employee’s BMW before the man drove off, and the West Coast artist added, “He’s lucky I caught him in it when I rolled up cuz if he wasn’t there I was gonna bonus round his s*** with sledge hammer.”

Dizaster later revealed that he worked things out with Alki and FilmOn, and he added that the man in the car wasn’t going to snitch on him.

Check out the full footage above.



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