Dizaster Says Tsu Surf is the Most Overrated Battler

http://www.vladtv.com/ – Dizaster sat down for an exclusive interview with VladTV following his Smack/URL debut battle vs T-Rex at NOME 3. Diz recalled the impression that the entire Smack event left on him, as he has never experienced anything like it before from any other battle league. He strongly believes that he won the first 2 rounds vs T-Rex, and even though he received some boos from the crowd for freestyling in the third round, he still delivered some heavy hitting bars.

Diz then commented on Tsu Surf vs Hollow Da Don, Hollow Da Don vs Loaded Lux, and how he thinks Tsu Surf is the most overrated battle rapper.


  • NorbsNeck

    surf dick riders has officially put a hit out on diz.

    • Nick Carefoot

      Diz just lost to Coytez he should address the fact hes falling off. He went in on that Canibus battle and even when he won he lost all his delivery. Guy is whack when written (he won’t deliver) and when he only freestyles he does awful. TSU would bodybag Diz on URL stage. #carefoot @carefoot http://www.carefoot.tv

      • <y-dey-madatanigga

        I agree hes been whack and fallen off in every way but he “lost all his delivery” what does that mean. url sound like uneducated children when going after DIz. see how niggas make up shit that doesn’t even make sense to shit on somebody, he annihilated Canibus and you still want to discredit him off the strength hes falling off now? Y’all Negras always need 1 reason to go overboard w/ something, he gave Canibus and his notepad crew 2 1/2 rounds of mean shit back when. homie just has gone downhill every battle i seen since then

        • Nick Carefoot

          He destroyed him but I mean that battle was whack though. I’m portraying that Diz bars seemed whack after Canibus had tapped out and in a sense I think Diz kinda took Diz down with him in that battle. They both ended up on the losing end. It was a first round knock out not a good battle or good for battle rap. Also he said in an interview hes freestyling and writing less, I’m saying hes less polished now but he beasts yeah sure. I’m a fan right Diz is fine. I also don’t know who your quoting you sure thats me? I just want to battle people so I love gasing anyone reading this. Don’t ride his dick I just said that Canibus battle is whack. The Cortez battle was hard to watch at first. I seen it a 2nd time I still felt like Diz is just a higher tier rapper than Cortez but it be what it be. He is prolific and hes still A tier in my books but he’ll never be a S+ tier legendary isn’t something you can quote me on. I wasn’t trying to shit on his shine more like saying he stopped giving a shit about delivering bars of writtens he said he’d be phoning in way more battles. I just want to see Diz on the URL stage.

        • Supersaiyan5ve

          gtfo Canibus is the only person Dizaster ever beat, scroll up top and check out the wack lyrics dude puts together. its like Dizaster dropped out of pre-school. no wonder dudes freestyles is so ass.

  • marsiano007

    Loaded can kill hollow anywhere in the world if he doesn’t choke it is over for anybody who battles him.

    • rexchap

      hollow is not the number one contender to battle loaded is you crazy. too many people need a shot before hollow. hollow lost to averb, big tee, arsenal beat him, goodz sonned him, hitman balled on him, surf took the crowd from him. now this is the person to battle loaded lux? bmagic would do hollow dirty, its many people in the url that hollow cant see, so why the title shot? HOLLOW NEED TO STOP RUNNING FROM JOHN JOHN DA DON!

      • Logic

        I know damn well this ain’t the real Rexchap. I know he doesn’t think Verb, Big T, Goodz, and Hitman beat Hollow.

      • url judge

        Everything you said was straight retarded

      • knuckles

        this is just straight hate u hoe ass nigga..

      • Bruce Leeroy

        I agree that Averb, Arsonal, BigT, Goodz and Tsu Surf beat Hollow but the rest are debatable. I do think Hollow needs more battles he has been fallin off as of late.

    • Faux News

      I know why Dizaster did this interview, because at KOTD they say he is the most overrated battler of all times LOLOLOL. Back in August of 2012 they had this thread running called: DIZASTER – THE MOST overrated battle rapper…possibly ever. LMAO this guy is the definition of wack, he is not even respected in Canada. No wonder he is trying to do the url.

  • North

    Lux is way to much for Hollow, anywhere. Hollow a better battler? Lmao.

  • Spindizzy

    Dizaster hasn’t won a battle in years, his lyrics are second grade elementary school compared to almost anyone in the URL, don’t let me start about his filler and his “Freestyle” that he cant give away for free. If anyone is OVERRATED its this lame.

    • lemongrab

      Diz is my fav rapper of all time. do not ever say he is overrated check out his bars in the Porich battle;

      “I know the way that I thinks wrong im
      Mentally ill like kim jong
      When im pissed off
      Everything in my way gets pissed on
      Even the tv and display I have no patience a sitcom
      So you, better, pray that whatever
      Star that you wish on
      Or wave your magic wish wand
      Cos me letting you leave here
      With that chain still on
      Will be the same day you catch me playing ping pong while listening to a jin song
      But dont you dare mention islam
      Cos i’l uppercut you with that open burning fist palm
      The gun I got
      Might not be able to kill everybody you bring on
      But fuck it atleast i’l make a couple retreat like vince Vaughn”
      This is great stuff dude.

      • Supahsaiyan5ve

        These r some of the worst garbage lyrics I have ever seen. You can not be effing serious. Is this really poping to you? No wonder grindtime closed its doors, this was their mascot!

        • CoolWhipWinston

          Lmao. Right !

      • Z 315

        HaHa bro i like Diz too but if you were gonna post some of his bars in a comment when your trying to make a point you should put his best ones. These weren’t even his best bars from THAT battle Lmao he said so much other good shit in that battle and you picked them? LOL wow

    • ?outation

      truth. dude is so gassed up by the Canadian crowd DNA fucked him up in front off and he out here talking shit..

  • Batman

    Im so happy someone else can see that surf is overrated and trash. He really don’t be talking bout nothing. them gun bars be wack as fuck. yall think he gangster cause he got caught with a gun smh all surf fans go suck a dick

    • CoolWhipWinston

      Surf nice !

  • ?outation

    Diz need to shut up. Overrated batle rapper calling out an actual battle rapper. I was feeling his shit for a minute when he was still at GT but then he never seemed to get better. It’s pretty much a whole lotta junk in his rhymes. Even versus Cortez where he is crying about time his rhymes was whack. WTF megaman megaman megaman bullshit. I think the last time he was somewhat aight was against Swave Sevah which was pretty close but Swave actually said some shit while Diz had a few haymakers and a lot of garbage inbetween so for me Swave took that. He shouldn’t even put none of the URL vets in his mouth he ain’t on their level with his bs freestyling. He should actually learn to write some real bars and quit worrying about real battle rappers.



  • Aubrey OVO

    Surf needs to stop dick riding Conceiteds bars.


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