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Exclusive: “Cassidy is just a stepping stone,” Dizaster says. “I chose Cassidy. I really had the option to not choose him.”

Dizaster will be the first to tell you that his battle against Cassidy is a big deal (Lush One will be the second), and now, sitting down with BattleRap.com in Los Angeles for an exclusive interview, the infamous battle emcee addresses his opponent and explains why he has respect for the Philadelphia rapper and his mysterious battle rap cred.

Never one to shy away from speaking his mind, Diz throws Murda Mook under the bus while claiming that Cassidy and himself share a similar and oft-slept on history.

“Mook is a subhuman to me,” Diz said. “He’s just someone that’s popular. He’s like the popular kid. Like Soulja Boy. He’s gonna be able to say he’s the best because he has the most money or chains but we all know he’s not. He doesn’t have that work. Sometimes I feel like I respect Cassidy because of that ‘cause I don’t know whether he’s trying to say the same thing. I do feel like — look, man, I wasn’t there. And neither were any of the other people. But when Cass says, like, ‘I was ripping people every fucking day.’ Part of me believes because I was like him too and I don’t have the fucking respect for it. Dog, I’ve lived battle rap for the past 15 years. Lived it every single day. Not a day off. A lot of these fucking weirdos went and did their stupid music thing for years and came back. Not necessarily Cassidy but a lot of these fools: Mook, Lux, all of them. They’ve survived off of rep. When you put their pen down to the paper they’re not really that good.”

When asked about Cassidy’s influence on the current bar-heavy approach to battle rapping, Diz showed respect for the Philly emcee’s innovation but admitted that the new crop of battlers using the style don’t impress him.

“They are not a threat to me, none of these fucking, ‘bar-rapping’ type of fucking kids,” he said. “They’re a joke to me. Not Danny Myers and cats like that ‘cause he’s actually really fucking good and he’s part of my squad too. I’m talking about just in general, this is why they’re not a threat to me: you’re gonna run out of metaphors. There’s one things you can never run out of, you know what that is? Rhymes. But metaphors, dog, they are gonna use everything.”

As for how he’ll be able to elevate from here, Diz said, “I got people that I’m aiming at.”

“I can’t really say,” he added. “And I’m gonna tell you why I can’t say. Because when you start putting those people out there, other people try to get in the middle of it. I’ll keep that under wraps. There’s plans. Cassidy is just a stepping stone. I chose Cassidy. I really had the option to not choose him. He’s a pretty cocky dude for how this shit happened.”

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