Dizaster vs. Big T

FCMG presents Dizaster vs. Big T Rap Battle

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  • http://bolddebauchery.tumblr.com/ Amaterasu

    this goes in

  • superedy

    Damn Beasley you postin Okwerdz shit again lol

  • URL judge

    this lame ass dude said.            ” i dont take pills, only budda, thats it/so when i say im poppinp molly  , i mean im shooting that bitch”    that shit was weak as fuck!!!  Why would URL even upload this shit……You’re taking the ultimate out of ultimate rap league when you upload garbage like this

  • Ralph E Dykes


  • http://twitter.com/ellaykhule RIFLEMAN

    Yall hating pretty hard,,,this was a good jam ..ive seen  battle rappers do worse shyt…yall like shotgun suge songs?  NOW THATS GARBAGE   this was decent


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