Dizaster Vs T-rex Bar for Bar Breakdown RD 2 & 3

Smack/URL present CjCity Dizaster vs T-Rex Bar For Bar Breakdown Rd 2 & 3.

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  • SpiT

    personally didn’t like the battle…seem dat diz just yelled n rex startin to sound the same almost every battle…..i like rex but he aint puttin any NEW work…

  • ohgod

    It was a boring battle. Diz blew his chance in URL. Rex is taking way too many battles and is becoming repetitive. Nigga needs to take a few months off and come back with the battery fully charged up.

  • 8====D~~~~(.)(.) = babies

    cant pick a winner it was disappointing i thought dizaster would kill rex..i think if the battle took place last yr it woulda been great. that armageddon card woulda been great if it happened :(

  • Deeez

    Its ok I comprehended it pretty good on my thanx any for wasting both of our time

    • Deeez

      on my own*


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