Next match-up from NOME3 to drop on URLTV is Dizaster VS T-rex. make sure you purchase tickets for Summer Madness3 at  . It all takes place @ Stage 48 605 W 48th Street in NYC http://www.ticketmaster.com/Smack-Url-MC-Battle-Summer-Madness-tickets/artist/1901845


  • cam

    Dam hitman

    • Raymond

      Hahaha. Right?

    • Marq Nash

      Smack is NEVER gonna release that battle


    this wednesday means tonight at 11:59 pm lol … this nigga smack needa hurry up and drop the concieded battle

    • Rumple Stilskin

      smack be bull shitting, i’ma have to smack the front teeth danny brown got missing outta smack mouth if this battle aint posted by 8pm

  • Hudson

    This was a terrible match up Smack.

  • hate ignorant niggas

    Diz is so corny, i cannot stress that enough! Keep this bum off the stage, PLEASE!

    • Twoface Godovereverything

      trex is a ignorant nigga smh

    • Paul Dronette

      If he get views and don’t ask for 40K to battle, Smack will keep him.

  • Guapo_ACE

    12:30 am Thursday yall

  • Twoface Godovereverything

    nigga u crazy dizaster is top tier…trex is fkn corny all he do is talk about gunz…hes fkn trash

  • iiJussLeftColumbia

    What tyme this shit drop

  • @GreedyVegan

    Smack, how do you drop a trailer august 28th
    informing us you’ll premier a vid august 28th?

    $5 says a summer madness 3 battle will drop before all the NOME 3 battles are released.

  • Fab23

    Patience is the key to everything.

  • Vanika Stroud Walcott

    Feels like Ive been waiting on this shit for like 8 years! I honestly thought he wasn’t going to release it at all.

    • Manny Mike Rico

      what time ??? im tryin to c it

    • Kid Dynomite

      A pretty chick that likes battle rap….dats whats got in da streets

  • Marq Nash

    When does the battle drop? I see some ppl saying 12am …Smh

  • Rumple Stilskin

    stop bull shittin smack, niggas trying to watch that shit

  • Traduko

    Both of them ain’t top 5, so they only do ight.

  • jigsaw

    today is august 28 smack where is it

  • Derek Lee

    Where is it then the fuc?

  • Fleek

    What kinda of promo lies, and doesn’t do what they say? A URL PROMO!!!

  • Derek Lee

    Cortez bout to take smack over again fuc this battle you not ready

  • smack from the 90s

    this is the url, so unprofessional.


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