DJ Premier first segment called, “Bars in the Booth” featuring papoose

Papoose well known Brooklyn Rapper helped DJ Premier set off his new series Called Bars In the booth. where MC’s of all genres spit the lyrics to the beat, this will not doubt be the a very interesting series, and we here a URL Look forward to seeing people from the battle rap culture joining the series.

Source Dj Premier YouTube


  • Anonymous

    that shit went hard

  • debo marks

    DAMN!!! bars!!

  • k2gees

    My cousin just brought this to my attention. Most of this is recycled from Mixtape Murder circa 2007….. Nice but reused.

  • Ehd4

    You mean to tell me you wasted your time logging in to smack URL just to post some hate. First off is smack thought it was weak shit it wouldn’t have been posted for our viewing pleasure. Dj premier wouldn’t fuck with him (pap pose) if his shit was wack. Recycled or not who give a shit. These artist are putting out classic shit for free and you wanna post non sense and try to blast on the low. It came out on this mixtape this day. Come on maaaaan. That’s so lame.
    K2gees when was the last time you was in the booth with dj premier. When did smack post one of video.
    Bottom line up front(bluf)
    The shit is free, the music is hot, it’s better than mainstream music. If your not supporting the movement then your opinions or comments don’t matter…


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