DNA – ” Behind The Props ” Ep #1 ( The Beat Vs K Shine)

DNA Starts up a new YouTube series called ” Behind The Props ” and in Ep 1 he explains why he rhymed on beat vs k shine … Stay tuned for more episodes



  • SouthSideQwnzGunna

    Na dat shit still wasnt hitting my boy! Battle or Blog you hold on to that shit scrap

  • Big Boy

    DNA the type of nigga that takes a shit at your house and forgets to flush

  • Mack Kith

    .. That shit wasn’t a good idea .. Sounds terrible rapping on a beat .. That’s the only person DNA lost to clearly tho

  • sjerz

    DNA is dat nigga, he in my top 5 right now. I wish these niggas would make mainstream music tho or at least jump on some of the mixtapes they better than alot of rappers out now. Get a french montana rick ross beat and go ham on that shit lol. Foreal tho, lux mixtape was the best mixtape this year, the beats was crazy add to that the lyrics. (He still aint spittn 40 rack battles tho)

  • Kif

    The beat wasn’t that bad DNA. But K Shine 3rd was to much. That was the best 3rd in battle rap history that’s why he having so much trouble now cause the fans wanna see him out do what he did and that’s a lot of pressure on Shine…

    • Jarell Melendez

      Naw not the best 3rd ever that prolly go to aye verb vs hitman holla!!! Hitman won but verb 3rd was crazy

  • 860 Bro

    Wow, an 11 minute excuse…SMH

  • Mack Kith

    They can’t go mainstream most these battle rappers ain’t talk wat they livin

    • Jreyne

      What you said sounds mad crazy man… Most of the insudtry cats aint living that life either!! What you talking about?

      • Mack Kith

        Yup that’s why I don’t buy they album .. I listen to old shit like jay z blueprints, PAC and big.. I lib battle rap .. But these battle rap cats is getting hollywood ..

    • that nigga.

      Nigga you sound stupid..you think these mainstream niggas is living out they raps? lol..the fxck?

      • Mack Kith

        I don’t know who ya be listening to but cats I listen to that make it is really bout that life .. U must be a youngin

  • Timothy Bias

    DNA this battle happened long ago who cares stop trying to get views nobody cares. I like the old DNA that killed Surf, Oun P, Rich Dollarz not this person who always putting up freestyles and explaining what went wrong in a battle. Sounds like you need rent money or broke and need to keep making money by making wack blogs when no one cares about your blogs only your battles. You will bounce back DNA just get back to writing. TUFF LOVE!!!!

  • ohgod

    WHY cant niggas admit when they lose a battle? Niggas you lost to Shine. Just take yo loss like a man.

  • ADC


  • ADC

    It’s to easy to hate on DNA . His tooth, His cheesy swag. No homo, Throwing up and ish like that. We all have, admit it. He’s nice and he brings a lot to the table. In every league he battles. I’m glad he took his tooth back out. Missing tooth and bars is what he’s know for. J-cole listening ass ni33a. Who ever he battle next on a URL card gonna have problem cause DNA young and hungry

  • whatup

    DNA looks like a dirty ass foster kid that lives by six flags in New Jersey.

  • whatup

    “Without the copyright infringement” lol ok Dna tell smack to get that copyright infringement.lol

  • Hubert DeRavin

    Still one the most creative in my eyes continue to do you


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