DNA & Charlie Clips Compare SM2 to SM3

http://www.vladtv.com/ – DNA and Charlie Clips chopped it up with VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes about how Summer Madness 3 compared to Summer Madness 2. While DNA felt as though the overall talent on Summer Madness 3 was solid, he did acknowledge that Summer Madness 2 had bigger names. Charlie Clips personally liked Summer Madness 2 better as a whole, from the crowd’s energy to the overall battles, he believes Summer Madness 2 produced a better and more memorable event.

Which Summer Madness event do you prefer the most?


  • Damn

    These two niggas are delusional.

    • TipOfTheIceberg


  • Trope

    Battle rap getting corny fast smh

    • Unspoken Truth

      Its all political now fam

  • TipOfTheIceberg

    Like someone else said…these 2 cats smokin rocks. Most of the SM2 battles were ass. Only hitman/JJ and Lux/Cal were good. The rest of them shits were either ass or just aight. SM3 has produced NO ass battles….we know that even tho 2 of them haven’t came out.


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