DNA & Charlie Clips Discuss Biased Judging


  • Truth

    Holy shit. These guys reached an unbearable level. DNA, you don’t have a good flow. You yell and wave your arms like you’re having a seizure. Chilla Killed you, Bad. Clips, Magic beat you because his lyrics are better. Calm down, both of you are nobody important.

  • ohgod

    clips talks too long.

  • dnafelloff

    DNA why don’t you start spitting some hot shit then come back and talk about biased judging. U damn near lost every battle this year! Clips on other hand can still talk but he need to stop having so many debatables and clearly kill somebody or nobody gone take that unbeaten record seriously. Both of you need to step yo shit up!

  • gully914

    Man hell these dudes talking bout…b-magic beat both of them off straight barz!

  • Fats

    Both u niggas wack magic killed y’all DNA loss like 4 str8 battles I’m so sick of seeing him

  • http://worldstarhiphop.com/ JAWZ


  • Sonny Pocketts

    i never see these niggas with hoes


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