DNA & Charlie Clips Talk Finances in Battle Rap


  • Lux is battle king

    Lux built this ish no matter how u look at it. Mook n rex been here as long as him and all they did was/is battle. Lux is the foundation of this thing maa’

    • BuckShit

      dude you make no sense you dumbass nigga. lux didnt do nothing but battle before the guys today. the guys today made smack and made this platform its on. when lux was battling smack was broke making dvds. now they got sponsors and endorsements. have some evidence and reasoning for you claims.

      • Lux is battle king

        R u retarded or just 12yrs old u homothug, lux brang out lions den which all top tier dudes are mostly them, lux been promoting everywhere went to events just to push the culture. For the record u straight up asshole SMACK STOLEEEE luxs idea of just making a straight battle league. Do ur research, lux says it in a blog that he went to SMACK WIth the idea first, he then went to subzero dj freeze n thats how they did it….SMACK denied lux and then took luxs idea and made his own ish….do ur hw young ass faggot. No doubt SMACK was more successful but lux created it all.

      • Lux is battle king

        Not to mention the midwest niggas

      • Hubert DeRavin

        Yo the internet wasn’t popping like that back in the day hence the DVDs. Also social media. You can market and promote yourself better than a record label now.

  • Jamal

    Clips be reading my posts on here..nigga said the exact same shit i been said at the end. And he said it word for word and used the examples i used..lol

  • Tony

    Lions den had a deep roster but cats are sleeping on URL. URL gave lux the (marketing) platform to get 3 million views. That would not appen at grind time, uw, kotd.
    Everyone from the lions den roster became household names because of smack not laded lux.

    • North

      You’re wrong. All those Lionz Den rappers became household names because of their own work. Lux introduced them to the game. URL was simply conveniently close to where they were.

  • http://worldstarhiphop.com/ JAWZ


    • That Nigga

      fuck is u talk’n bout.. verb was the first nigga to talk that real shit vs hitman

      • Florida Boy

        he talking bout how Lux put Verb on. Lux was the reason Verb was in NY and battled SB in the streets

        • http://worldstarhiphop.com/ JAWZ

          thanks bro, this dumb nigga just want 2 talk shit. (THAT NIGGA) YOUR NEW NAME IS, (DUMB NIGGA)

  • thegameistwisted

    they forgot tech 9 , cortez , aye verb and hitman

  • Hubert DeRavin

    That shit was gospel…..church


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